Shoe Worship – Brat Princess 2 – Chloe Lizzy and Natalya – Third Wheel Punished for Stealing from Roommates Complete

Brat Princess 2  Chloe Lizzy and Natalya  Third Wheel Punished for Stealing from Roommates Complete preview

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Chloe and Natalya are not very nice to their roommate, Lizzy. The two have tricked Lizzy, who is poorer than they are, into paying two thirds of the rent. Lizzy is a third wheel. The other girls do not like her very much, but they keep her around because she is gullible. But recently, Chloe and Natalya have noticed some small items missing, and they blame Lizzy for the theft. They call Lizzy into the room. Natalya orders Lizzy to strip. Lizzy finds the request odd, but she doesn’t want to make her living situation any worse than it already is. She takes off her clothes and stands before her roommates in her underwear, so that they can see that she isn’t hiding anything. Chloe and Natalya aren’t satisfied. They are convinced that Lizzy is stashing their stuff somewhere. Natalya says a lot of mean things to Lizzy to break her down. Everybody knows that Lizzy’s desire for attention means he isn’t choosy with boys. Everyone knows she’s a whore. Natalya humiliates Lizzy by making ‘the wore’ lick her shoes. Lizzy is a pushover and never puts up a fight. She gets on her knees and starts licking both girls’ dirty shoes. If Lizzy doesn’t go along with what the popular girls want, they will kick her out of the house. Lizzy is very afraid of her roommates. They make her take off their shoes and worship their feet, next. Lizzy is getting used to the mistreatment, but doesn’t know how to get herself out of the bad situation. She licks and sucks her cruel roommates’ feet while they belittle and abuse her. They are very rough with the little whore’s mouth. Chloe and Natalya pull Lizzy’s hair. They gag her with their toes. Lizzy starts to complain that she hasn’t done anything wrong to deserve the cruel treatment. Chloe and Natalya yell her for being a whiner. They remind her that nobody cares about her stupid feelings and fuck her mouth harder. Lizzy is basically invisible in the world. When the hot girls are done abusing her, they send Lizzy away to go finish cleaning the bathroom. When Lizzy is out of the room, Natalya finds the brand name eyeshadow that she thought Lizzy had taken. The whole time, little Lizzy was telling her roommates the truth. Chloe and Natalya have no regrets about punishing the stupid whore for a crime she never committed.


Forced Stripping – Brat Princess 2 – Anabelle and Dakota – Brutally Humiliate Unmanly Stanley

 Brat Princess 2  Anabelle and Dakota  Brutally Humiliate Unmanly Stanley preview

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Anabelle and Dakota come across a guy named Stanley while on spring break. Stanley is gross to the girls in every possible way.
The bratty pair makes the loser smell and lick their filthy sneakers. Anabelle rides Stanley around the room like a pony and
Dakota makes him untie her shoelaces with his teeth. It must be very humiliating for Stanley, but the girls want Stanley to
understand that as a disgusting male he is inferior to them. The soles of the girls’ sneakers are well-worn and extremely filthy.
Stanly is forced to lick the filthy sneaker soles. Stanley has to sniff the girls very sweaty socks. Then, the girls make Stanley
kiss and worship their stinky feet. A huge window in their first-floor hotel room is wide open and the girls notice an attractive
couple watching. It makes the humiliation even worse for Stanley to be able to see the attractive couple outside the window and
know that he is not a real man and he will never have a pretty wife. The girls strip off all of Stanley’s clothes and point and
laugh at Stanley’s tiny penis with the Alpha male’s hot wife out the window. Then, the girls take Stanley’s clothes and all the
money in his wallet. They send him out into the hallway of the hotel with none of his personal belongings, completely naked.


Long Hair – Fascist FemDom – First Day in the Nation: Full Metal Mistress DVD scene 1 – Elena De Luca

Fascist FemDom  First Day in the Nation Full Metal Mistress DVD scene 1   Elena De Luca  preview

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This sub thinks he is slave enough to serve the Black Stiletto Army. This is the journey of his training. He is tossed into his new home and made to strip out of his uniform. I push him down naked on to the cold floor. He is put through his paces wither verbal humiliation and boot camp exercises that have a femdom twist. Before being hooded and put in his cage the slave has his face shoved down on my boots and I spit in pathetic face to remind him of his position.
Welcome to the Nation,
Brigadier General Elena De Luca


Foot Worship – Brat Princess 2 – Chloe and Natalya – Danni has to Worship Both Girls Feet while in Chastity

Brat Princess 2  Chloe and Natalya  Danni has to Worship Both Girls Feet while in Chastity preview

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Danni is tired of the pretty girls in school humiliating him. He would rather date them. But a pretty girl would never date danni. He’s a scrawny loser. Both Chloe and Natalya want danni to worship their feet. He hesitantly does. The girls want danni to strip. Danni is reluctant, but he does it. He tells the girls he doesn’t want them to see his chastity device. The girls laugh. They’re the ones who hold the keys! Why would he want to hide it from them? The girls make danni show them the chastity. Danni is ashamed that he is in chastity. He complains that it’s too tight. The girls assure him that it isn’t. The girls like that they can see that danni is in chastity for them. They make danni go back to worshipping their feet. They are mean to danni while he worships their feet, but danni does not deserve to be treated any better. When the girls are done with danni, they send him back to his spot in the corner.