Femdomboot – Goddess Foot Domination – Ruined Orgasm

 Goddess Foot Domination  Ruined Orgasm  preview

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Goddess Kitty Carrera is enjoying her superiority over a submissive boot slut. She has a bound slave splayed out on his back, worshiping her thigh high leather boots. His head is locked in a facesitting box to exhibit his inferiority. Kitty sits atop the opening so her sweet ass is right in his face. She delivers the heel of her boots for him to suck like a tiny cock. The slave politely begs to worship Kitty’s incredible feet. When she finally relents to his requests, he is served through the opening in his deprivation chamber. Though he begs for release, the pain inflicted prevents him from achieving an erection and producing a load for his mistress. Goddess Kitty Carrera delivers a few severe stomps to his flaccid cock and withered balls in an attempt to elicit a reaction.


Femdom – Goddess Foot Domination – Maids Employment Conditions – Jean Jaxxson

Goddess Foot Domination  Maids Employment Conditions   Jean Jaxxson  preview

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Recent immigrant Jean Jaxxson has arrived at a new home for her first day on the job as a maid. Her new employer has a few rather odd requirements. He insists she wear a skimpy maid uniform more appropriate for a stripper. Jean repeatedly protests his weird requests, but the guy doesn’t understand a word of Spanish n clearly doesn’t care. He has Jean present her feet for inspection and shortly comes up with the idea that he must have them in his mouth. Jean thinks this man is an extremely nasty freak, but she needs this job. She allows the guy to play with her sexy bare feet n hopes that she doesn’t catch anything from his oral attentions. Jean begs him to stop in Spanish, but the man doesn’t understand and truly doesn’t care. When the guy whips out his dick and begins masturbating, Jean whispers a quiet prayer that he`ll finish quickly. The man drops a fat load onto Jean Jaxxson’s pretty pink soles, and then tells her to “get back to cleaning.”


Femdom – Goddess Foot Domination – Slave – Goddess Brianna

Goddess Foot Domination  Slave   Goddess Brianna  preview

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The sadistic n superior Goddess Brianna examines her foot slave’s worthless cock, swollen and sore now that it has been inside of a locked CB-6000 chastity device for almost one month. Kneeling before the Goddess, and seeing her beautiful bare feet and long, smooth legs, his cock is already leaking pre-cum in anticipation. Goddess Brianna has been pleased to see him suffer, yet she is generous and decides to release him. She demands that upon removing the device, her slave is to stroke his cock for her while worshipping her feet, and show her the cum that has built up in his balls for every single day that he has been in chastity. If his load does not satisfy her, he will immediately be placed back in chastity for another month. The pitiful young footboi spills a pathetic pool of cum right on Goddess Brianna’s feet-prematurely and without permission-disappointing her immensely. Goddess Brianna, furious, shoves her cum-soaked foot into his unworthy mouth and gags him with her toes, punishing him for being a disobedient whore. His disgraceful cock is slapped and kicked mercilessly as discipline before she locks him back up in chastity n sends him away.


Teacher Fetish – Goddess Foot Domination – Hurry, The Professor is Cumming – Goddess Esm…

Goddess Foot Domination  Hurry The Professor is Cumming   Goddess Esm preview

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Goddess Foot Domination – Hurry, The Professor is Cumming. Starring Goddess Esmi
Goddess Esmi is staying late after class, wearing only a tight, short, red dress and strappy heels hot enough to bring her professor to his knees. She noticed her teacher’s bulge as his eyes lingered on her sexy feet, and now he is at her mercy. He is all too eager to drop to the floor for his student and give her the control she demands, worshipping her greedy toes and sucking, kissing, and smelling her sweet feet. Goddess Esmi mounts the teacher’s desk and forces her him to fuck her soft feet, helplessly quivering as he rubs his cock against her pretty arches, desperate to cum before he is caught with his pants down and his hard cock pressed between her feet. She decides exactly when and where the professor will spill for his Goddess.
This clip was filmed in High Definition and is available for download in MPEG4 format at 1280X720 resolution.


Femdom – Goddess Foot Domination – Earn That Foot Job, You Slut – Lola Fae

Goddess Foot Domination  Earn That Foot Job You Slut   Lola Fae preview

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Slender bombshell Lola Fae stands before her slave in training in sexy, red, 5-inch platform heels to match her scarlet lips. With the key to his cock cage proudly displayed and glimmering around her neck, and the handle to his leash in her delicate hand, Lola tests just how much her slave is willing to take for his Goddess. Lola spanks him raw and then introduces him to the feeling of her wooden cane on his ass cheeks and her Hitachi vibrator against his sore, caged balls. She strips off her long-sleeved shirt to reveal her sweet, tiny tits and incredible pierced, heart-shaped nipples, teasing him before making him sniff her ass. Lola’s pet has been such a good boy in taking each of her punishments, she decides to give him permission to cum for her. Her slave worships her perfect feet until she is satisfied, and then sucks on her dirty high heel deep in his mouth as she wraps her small, smooth soles around his dripping, needy cock. Her tender arches artfully work his helpless cock and he begs his Mistress to finally let him cum. Her foot slut spills his seed on her pretty feet and licks them sparkling clean before crawling back to his cage where he belongs.


Foot Licking – Goddess Foot Domination – Used For Her Pleasure – Domina Brianna

Goddess Foot Domination  Used For Her Pleasure   Domina Brianna  preview

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The supreme Domina Brianna has an obedient slave restrained and on his knees before her. The servant has a huge black dildo strapped to his face so he can have a close up view of his goddess’s pleasure. Brianna has a rope tied around his ball sack so she can lead him where she wants. She makes fun of the slave’s hard dick because he won’t be using that at all today. As always, the slave serves her purposes. Dominatrix Brianna employs the face-mounted dildo in various positions, but the slave fails to make her achieve orgasm.
The atmosphere changes as the goddess’s focus now turns to punishing the slave for his shortcomings. The slave lies on the floor face up so he can clean his mistress’s shoes with his tongue. Constricted by the taunt rope, the slave’s balls turn dark purple. Domina Brianna has the inefficient slave lick the soles of her bare feet while begging to be punished for his poor performance. She begins squishing his balls with her feet, and then slaps them hard with her soles. The goddess informs her slave that this is only step one of his punishment and he`ll suffer even more tomorrow.


Double Domination – Goddess Foot Domination – Eager Fuck Slut – Goddess Brianna and Mistress Kendra

Goddess Foot Domination  Eager Fuck Slut   Goddess Brianna and Mistress Kendra  preview

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Goddess Brianna n Mistress Kendra team up again to have their way with a willing sub slave. This eager fuck slut is going to be their play thing and there isn’t anything he can do about it. They shove feet in his face and rub soles on his hard cock as they promise him that they`ll drain his worthless balls of every drop then pour it all down his eager throat.
Mistress Kendra straddles the slave n gags the obedient dude with her slender feet. Goddess Brianna jerks his erect member forcefully to extract his juice; alternating between handjob n footjob to bring this boy to ecstasy. He won’t have any lunch at all if he fails to produce as instructed by his lovely MILF tormentors.


Femdom – Goddess Foot Domination – Seeking Footboy – Mistress Jinx

 Goddess Foot Domination  Seeking Footboy   Mistress Jinx preview

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Mistress Jinx is living up the single life and continues her expedition to find the perfect new footboy. She’s using online ads to meet new guys, but she hasn’t found the perfect 1 for her specific needs just yet. Today’s candidate arrives and kneels before Mistress Jinx immediately. Good start. Jinx puts a collar around his neck to teach him what it means to be owned and then has him give her a foot bath.
Jinx has him bring her a snack and is kind enough to allow him to eat as well. She instructs him to strip completely naked, lie on the floor n worship her cute little feet. Jinx is satisfied with his performance so she`ll allow him to jerk off while licking and sucking her perfect Latina toes n soles. Mistress Jinx begins to get bored with the amount of time he takes to cum and once he drops his load she dismisses him without any promise of future play.