Boobs Worship – Jasmine Mendez LatinAss Locas – CreditCard Fucked by Maid AGAIN

Jasmine Mendez LatinAss Locas  CreditCard Fucked by Maid AGAIN  preview

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If Smoking is your weakness then I will have you drooling from the get go
Custom Script: I’m young son of rich couple,U’re our maid always looking for$!U already know all my weak points by now(last clip):big tits,high heels boots,long nails, smoking;today I’m ill in bed and mom must go in office but father and other will be back soon.It’s Your chance to start my DEPENDENCE 4U!U know it already when mom gives last briefes while U sexy see me,”..and take care of my son”she says leaving room.As car goes,fast U came, dressed as maid, in room again with new sexy make up,boots and juicy boobs in exposition!Knowing well effect that causes U light an all white cigarette (please no slim!)taking it from bag.To test fever,as panther U came on bed putting tits just on my face.”It’s too high,it’s better I stay here with u”U say giggling and seeing on my erected-dick direction.”where is pain exactly?”U ask smiling and touching my stomach zone many times.Touching me Your tits explode out,and readily U smother me by them.So U lift Your skirt/dress and enter under sheets on my top TO START MY DEPENDENCE..smoking a cigarette on top of bosses son is a great sensation and greater is STARTING A DEPENDENCE at Your advantage and being DOMINANT on me!in this position You get gift for “special therapy”: my cash beside bed that You take by Yourself. So You take phone and do a video shaming to have sex together. I’m shocked and excited at same time and You, saying to complete therapy, do a facesitting! You point my credit card but first I have any resistences. These resistences fall down when You, while You are doing facesitting, light new cigarette!Credit card became Yours and “victory”makes You laughing during Your action!Even there are father’s back noises from outside You continue cigarette& “therapy” till the end:parents are TOO LATE AGAIN and You more and more powerful by now!!! Only while they are opening main door You: get up quietly,let down Your skirt/dress, settle Yourself and slowly send last smoke inhalations in my mouth! so You leave room and I can only hear You that update my father about my fever downstair…
( FYI- IM NOT A SMOKER & I DO MY BEST) Email to order your own custom


Femdom – Worship Violet Doll – The Initiation – Featuring Stella Sol

 Worship Violet Doll  The Initiation  Featuring Stella Sol  preview

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This is the second video in a series with Goddess Stella Sol, shot in Miami with our sissy slave boy. You can find the first, “The Meet” in Goddess Stella’s store.
After climbing 30 flights of stairs to hand over thousands in cash and blank checks, we sat our slave down to sign his life away. We discussed his limits, provided consent forms, his safe word, and it was go time.
We then collared and teased him, tried out his new leash, and carefully considered all of the vicious humiliating things we planned to inflict on him that night. A tease in comparison to what lies ahead. This is BDSM foreplay.


Miamimeangirls – THE MEAN GIRLS – Platinum Takes Over – Goddess Platinum

 THE MEAN GIRLS  Platinum Takes Over   Goddess Platinum  preview

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This is more of an “announcement” than a “clip”. You see, I have officially taken over “The Mean Girls”. I run things around here now. The Mean Girl Compound, all the slaves, have been purchased by ME. I own them now. So this clip is just a formal announcement of that. And just to drive it into the house slaves’ heads, I make them literally bow down before me and WORSHIP ME as I take my rightful place upon my throne.
And when you see my feet- YOU will want to bow down before me as well.
-Divine Goddess Platinum


Ass Fucking – Torture Time – Foot Chastity – Featuring Naomi Swann

 Torture Time  Foot Chastity  Featuring Naomi Swann  preview

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Fluffy has had a really crazy night of partying the night before and is having a really hard time remembering much from the night before. Naomi, however knows every single detail about how Fluffy crawled to her begging to worship her feet and how he would not leave her alone.
The next morning, Fluffy gets woken up by Naomi’s beautifully painted feet smothering and smacking him in the face. To make matters more confusing for Fluffy, Naomi has also restrained Fluffy to her bed and placed him into a Chastity Device. Just as Fluffy begins to speak, Naomi decides that the most that she wants to hear from Fluffy are the moans from behind the ball gag that she secures into Fluffy’s mouth.
Now that Naomi has Fluffy right where she wants him, she begins to tease and torment Fluffy with the very same feet that he was obsessing over the night before. Naomi begins rubbing her feet up and down Fluffy’s newly acquired Chastity Device as if she were giving a foot job to it. Fluffy felt just enough skin to skin contact through the holes on the device that it caused him to get rock hard in the device, but with nowhere to go causing Fluffy to moan in a mixture of pain, pleasure and excitement.
Naomi has so much fun teasing and tormenting Fluffy, she decides to leave him restrained so she can toy with him later that evening.


Shoe & Boot Worship – The Wolfe Sole Experience – Goddess Wolfe Needs Worshipping

 The Wolfe Sole Experience  Goddess Wolfe Needs Worshipping  preview

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I look so amazing in My leather that I think I must be worshipped in it, so I call My slave in to do just that; starting with My leather boots. I instruct him in worshipping the boots, enjoying the sensation when he follows orders, and correcting him when he doesn’t. As incredible as I look, I get quite hot and sweaty in all the leather. I tease My slave with this information, knowing the prospect of being allowed to smell and taste My sweaty, stinky feet will ensure he worships My boots to the very best of his potential.
Finally, after moving to a more comfortable position on the bed, I instruct My slave to remove one of My boots and begin overwhelming his slave senses with My Goddess aroma. He follows directions, but when he sticks out his tongue too prematurely taste that divinity in My sole, I punish him with a nice swift kick to the face. slaves are not to worship My feet without pain anyway, but they are certainly not to begin worshipping without permission! I continue to command him to pleasure My sweaty bare foot in all the ways I desire until I get bored and tell him to replace My boot so I can move on to something more exciting.