Ball Abuse – THE MEAN GIRLS – Worship The New Queen – Queen Quenzi

 THE MEAN GIRLS  Worship The New Queen   Queen Quenzi  preview

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***This is being written by the new “clip description slave” that has been commanded to watch all Mean Girls’ clips and do all their writeups from now on because they shouldn’t have to do their own writeups. This is how I serve because I cannot live at Mean Girl Manor. I am to watch, review, and give a complete and fair description of each clip from a slave perspective to all potential clip-buyers before deciding to make their purchase.***
Queen Quenzi is the newest Mean Girl at the Mean Girl Manor and any time there is a new girl the slaves go nuts trying to make them happy. The slaves think “maybe this time the girl will go easy on us and we can have a cake walk serving them”. Unfortunately the Mean Girls just keep getting meaner and Queen Quenzi is no exception. In fact it is Queen Quenzi’s opinion that the only way a slave should be allowed to worship her is if his balls are in a tremendous amount of pain. If the slave wants the privilege of bowing before her and kissing her feet he must first submit to a ballbusting.
Queen Quenzi grabs a slave by his leash and commands him to spread his legs wide. Without a moment’s hesitation she kicks the slave square in his balls, really hard, over and over, until he falls to the ground hunched over in pain. Only then he is allowed to crawl to her on his knees, as she sits on her throne, and begin kissing her feet. But all that pain in his balls only earns him about 30 seconds of worship before Queen Quenzi yanks him right back up by his leash for more ball kicking! She repeats the same cycle always kicking his balls until he goes down and then allowing him like maybe a minutes rest to bow down and kiss her feet before yanking him back to his feet for another round of ballbusting. Queen Quenzi may be new but this is not some light ballbusting from a beginner. She kicks like she is trying to destroy the slave’s nuts! I don’t know where they find them but it looks like they have added yet another merciless ballbuster to Mean Girl Manor. Overall, on a “slave scale” of 1-10, I give it a “9.”


Double Domination – THE MEAN GIRLS – Mean Girl Push Ups – Superior Goddess Brooke and Princess Beverly

THE MEAN GIRLS  Mean Girl Push Ups   Superior Goddess Brooke and Princess Beverly  preview

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A good slave is a fit slave, so we make this loser go through an extensive exercise program but do it mean girl style. What we do is give a slave a hard BALLBUSTING every time he does a push up just to remind him to do it correctly. We also want to make sure he knows why hes working out so hard and what happens to a bitch if he is delinquent in his duties. Each kick gets harder and harder to drive home the point who is in charge; US! The slave is getting such hard workout he starts sweating like crazy, GROSS. He is even getting our feet all wet so we switch to boots; we can kick him better with them anyway. So we both put on a fierce pair of sexy black shinny boots and kick him the way we really want to; HARD. We know its a lot harder to workout with ball kicks but thats the way we like it. He better get a lot more in shape soon or the workouts just get harder.
Superior Goddess Brooke


Milking – Ball Busting Chicks – Abused Nude Cleaner – Donna

 Ball Busting Chicks  Abused Nude Cleaner   Donna  preview

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Every now and then she orders a man from the nude cleaner agency. She is not only watching him cleaning her kitchen naked, the main reason for this horny lady is to abuse his cock with a wooden spoon, watch him masturbate and kicking his boner with her high heels. She makes a selfie with his cock for her cock photo collection. Stomp and squeeze his genitals with her high heel shoes. She eats a big banana for teasing and cock comparison. Finally she force him to jerk off in front of her and watching his sperm squirting on her kitchen floor. After cumming she ruins his orgasm by forcing him to lick his own sperm off from the dirty kitchen floor while she kicks his body with her high heels.
Length 8:34 minutes.


Kicking – FemmeFataleFilms – You Will Be Busted – Complete Film – Goddess Dommelia and Mistress Petite

 FemmeFataleFilms  You Will Be Busted  Complete Film   Goddess Dommelia and Mistress Petite  preview

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Double the busting trouble hits this slave right where it hurts the most! Mistress Petite and Mistress Dommelia love to bust up their slave’s balls and so this slave is told he just has to comply with their wishes, after all, surely he wants to make them happy!? They start his ordeal with some ball stomping in their stiletto heels, before slapping his ball sack with their bare hands. As he wriggles around too much, they feel they have little option but to secure his hands to a bondage hoist, so they have unfettered access to the soft spot they enjoy punishing the most!
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Nipple Play – SADO LADIES Femdom Clips – Tortured With Boots And Clamps – Empress Victoria

 SADO LADIES Femdom Clips  Tortured With Boots And Clamps   Empress Victoria  preview

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here we have a new clip with phantastic german goddess empress victoria. she is dressed so hot and dominant with an elegant and expensive corset, a leather skirt and expensive high heel boots on her feet. her slave is ordered to crawl closer to her and gets encolared on a leash. he is then ordered to worship her boots starting at the soles and lick them perfectly clean. whenever he gets too horny and gets too close he gets some sharp lashes with the leash.
then its time for some nipple torture. after he gets a slap on his face the mistress gets out some painful nipple clamps putting them where they belong to. a wonderful toy to play with and to inflict some pain.
the slave then has to change position and lie his head onto a stool and he has to open his legs wide. he gets some painful kicks from her boots all around and empress victoria uses also the heels of her boots to play with the nipple clamps. then he has to worship again the boots of his mistress.
empress victoria is very playful and very dominant with her slaves as some may already seen in earlier productions and she is again here! very hot classic femdom clip!


Footlicking – Club Stiletto FemDom – Failed Masturbators Worship Feet – Domina Ruby and Princess Skylar

 Club Stiletto FemDom  Failed Masturbators Worship Feet   Domina Ruby and Princess Skylar  preview

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Domina Ruby and Princess Skylar are disgusted with their slaves! Neither slave could squeeze out a cum load during the masturbation contest so now the Ladies have them back on the floor where they belong, to worship their feet. “Another 30 days of hard labour and maybe we’ll give them another chance to cum” Ruby says. Meanwhile, the defeated slaves desperately try to outdo each other in their foot worship efforts as they rub and suck whichever foot is offered to them.
You get lots of sole licking and toe sucking in this clip as well as some excellent angles of the feet that are not in slaves’ mouths. Ruby adds that their not coming is probably for the better anyway because it’s just a distraction. “Sometimes when they cum they think they’re real men again” Skylar says, which causes both Ladies to laugh. Ruby gets a bit aggressive with her slave as she slaps his face with her foot. Can you show proper devotion to the Ladies’ feet the way these slaves do? If not, then maybe you’ll learn something. Either way, at least we know you can cum!


Trampling – The Wolfe Sole Experience – 120 Pounds of Pure Power

 The Wolfe Sole Experience  120 Pounds of Pure Power  preview

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For those of you who like to see Me actually pissed off, you’ll love this clip. This pathetic little slave who gets trampled frequently by 400lb women was being such a little fucking bitch. he said that My jumping and stomping was way worse than the weight of the 400lb women, and was pissing the fuck out of Me. So I trampled him as much as I could until I got too annoyed.


Corporal Punishment – Cruel City – Mistress Nicole Beats Her Slave in Anger

Cruel City  Mistress Nicole Beats Her Slave in Anger  preview

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Pacing her living room floor, a visibly upset Nicole announces what a lousy mood she`s in. She`s pissed at a few of her business partners and needs to release the rage that`s boiling inside of her. She takes her anger out on her slave, summoning him to her side and immediately slapping him across the face. “I`ve had a very bad day,” she tells him, then punches him so hard in the stomach that he falls his knees. “Get up!” she barks, and he quickly rises to his feet. She delivers another brutal blow to his gut that once again sends him to the floor, and he groans in agony as he attempt to recover from the strike. She continues to use him as her human punching bag, repeatedly pummeling him in between slapping his face. As if that`s not enough, she kicks him when he`s unable to absorb any more blows and falls to the floor beneath her. He manages to get on his feet again and she holds nothing back, hitting him with full force while he cries out in pain. By the time she`s done with him, he`s laying on the floor like a crumpled mess!