Leather Fetish – Mistress Nikita FemDom Videos – Obey Nikita – Pathetic Face Fuck

Mistress Nikita FemDom Videos  Obey Nikita  Pathetic Face Fuck  preview

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How embarrassing would it be to invite a bunch of hard cocks over to use my human dick socket only to have it gag on the first three inches? Very embarrassing! This pathetic whore is going to learn to suck a cock properly whether or not it likes it. I don’t really care how long it takes or how much its throat hurts. Using it this way amuses me, and that’s what’s really important, right? The bitch can’t even get my balls all the way in its hole. We’ll just have to start off small, I guess. A few days with the cock gag wedged in its jaw should start opening that dick tube so it can swallow any size man on my command!


Orgasm Control – Mistress Ezada Sinn – Bound, teased and denied

Mistress Ezada Sinn  Bound teased and denied  preview

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My slave is suspended in quite an uncomfortable position, lifted high by his feet with his back barely learning on the ground. he is in a perfect position for Me to tease and torment him any way I wish, but I will tie up and squeeze his pathetic cum filled blue balls. This gives Me unfettered access to his cock, and I can make him hard or flaccid with just a flick of My hand. Slowly the slave begins to understand that he no longer has any control over his own cock, that it belongs entirely to Me. The slave is a loser, below Me – his Superior, and his chance of having a release rests entirely in My hands. Maybe he will, and then again maybe he won’t. It’s My choice and only Mine to make.
Today is My birthday and I want to thank you, My fans, for buying My clips and helping Me reach top 10 Clips4Sale. This proof of your appreciation is the best gift I can get for My birthday.
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Coerced Bi – Mistress Ezada Sinn – Sissy slut for leather

 Mistress Ezada Sinn  Sissy slut for leather  preview

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My fetish for leather is very strong, I not only love to wear it, but also am very attracted to men dressed in leather. My sissy slave also loves leather, but he is not allowed to wear it, he is only allowed to worship it. And he is so addicted to leather, that I can make him worship another man, as long as the man is wearing leather. I know the sissy doesn’t like men, but he will do it for Me. Moreover, he will not only worship My bull’s leather, I can even make him suck the bull’s cock. A real cock, not like his sissy clitty. I know the sissy prefers to suck My cock, I can see it on his face, but he has no choice, he has to prepare My bull’s cock, because after that I am going to use it for My pleasure.
This is a re-post of an older clip, remastered for those of My fans that haven’t seen it yet.


Facesitting – Young Goddess Kim – Multi-purpose ashtray

Young Goddess Kim  Multipurpose ashtray  preview

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I enjoy using male objects in many degrading ways to keep them in their place. The object is tied naked to the deck chair in order to be used as My cushion when I relax outside. It hasn’t been blessed with My presence for hours, so when it finally hears the sound of My high heel footsteps approaching it is overwhelmed with terror and excitement, becoming even more aware of the ties around its wrists. It’s whole body will be used and abused for My pleasure, starting with its pathetic face. Using its mouth as My ashtray amuses Me, but after allowing it to eat My first cigarette I am bored of its face. So I sit on it, allow it to kiss My leather ass and struggle to breathe beneath Me as I cover its face with My leather ass. I am annoyed with its useless dick and balls at the end of My neon stilettos, I light up another smoke. I show the object that its dick and balls do have some use after all – it is amusing to keep its mouth shut with My leather ass as I spit on it and use its dick and balls as My new ashtray, finishing it off with crushing its ashy dick and burnt balls under My superior sole which it will gratefully lick clean.
Includes: Female Domination, Human ashtray, Femdom, Ass Smothering, Face Sitting, Leather Fetish, Stilettos, Sole Licking, CBT, Humiliation, Human Furniture, Verbal Humiliation, Spitting, Objectification, Crush, High Heel Domination


Female Supremacy – Asian Cruelty – HANGING IN THE BALANCE – Goddess Luna Li

 Asian Cruelty  HANGING IN THE BALANCE   Goddess Luna Li  preview

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I have my pet in quite the precarious position today. Naked, blindfolded, and helpless in my floating, rotating slave cage. Hovering in mid air, I can spin him around and around as I choose. The fact that he is blindfolded only adds to his sense of confusion and vertigo. He is at my mercy as I stalk my prey from all angles, never knowing from which direction I will strike. It’s such a delicious game of cat and mouse.
I look magnificent in my patent leather ensemble of tight leggings, corset and elbow length gloves. And he, a leather fetishist, or perhaps better said, a leather addict, as I have fed his fetish needs for years on end. He simply cannot live without it. Not that it will do him any good in this particular case, as his blindfold prohibits him from taking in my leather clad exaltedness.
My harshest leather paddle cracks his ass cheeks with cruel intentions and a thunderous clap, as he spins helplessly in circles. With each turn, I strike his ass again and again, as he squeals out in agony. The fact that he can’t see it coming, only serves to intensify the impact. I offer him a brief reprieve, but only to slap his face, kick his nuts, and spit in his mouth.
And just when he thinks his torment has concluded, I surprise him with a thick leather slapper painstakingly designed to bite the skin with the venom of a rattle snake. Blow after agonizing blow, I pound his flesh until he is begging for mercy. But mercy is a far cry from what he can expect this evening. But crying is a good start, so go ahead slave. Cry for me, while I spin you like a top.


Cei – GlamyAnya – No escape from my leather hell

 GlamyAnya  No escape from my leather hell  preview

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You love Me. You love leather.You think you can kick the habit? You really think you can have self control? Ha! You’re mine, a junkie & you always will be like this.Look at you, all horny. And look at me in high leather boots with a slender stiletto heel,opera length leather gloves…my gorgeous body clad in that sexy black leather…
????? You never stood a chance! ?????
I’ll let you see, lick, smell, edge you this timewith you, draw it out… I enjoy making you squirm & beg for eventual ????????????????????????????


Extreme Domination – DomNation – THE WORST IS STILL TO COME – Goddess Tangent

 DomNation  THE WORST IS STILL TO COME   Goddess Tangent  preview

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Goddess Tangent may have led her helpless slave to believe that shredding his back with her lethal bullwhips was his worst and last punishment of the day. She lied. It gets worse. Much worse.
In part 2, Tangent continues to use her lethal bullwhips on her helpless slave’s back, ripping and tearing his baby soft flesh until the claret is flowing freely. And just when slave boi thinks the worst is over, Tangent flips him around and turns the focus of her painful whips on his cock and balls. She does, after all, want a matching set, front to back.
With the precision of a surgeon, Goddess Tangent hits her mark again and again, as her pain pet screams with every blow. His cock and balls are swelling quickly, but not in a good way. Effortlessly, Tangent transforms his testicles into a bruised and blooody mess. Will the torment ever end? Only Goddess Tangent knows if the worst is still to come.


Corporal Punishment – DomNation – LEATHER CLAD ABDUCTRESS, PART 2 – Stella Liberty

 DomNation  LEATHER CLAD ABDUCTRESS PART 2   Stella Liberty  preview

180 MB – 1920*1080 – mp4 – 00:06:16

This is the follow up video to Stella Liberty’s top selling clip “Leather Clad Abductress”!
Having her inconsiderate neighbor from her parking garage, Stella Liberty takes him back to her private dungeon. Clad from head to toe in body hugging black leather chaps, shirt, gloves and boots, Stella incarcerates him in a steel cage, binds him to the bars with his own neck tie, and forces him to watch as she torments one of her many personal slaves.
The neighbor looks on in horror, as Stella whips and canes her helpless slave until he is begging for mercy. Strike after excruciating strike, Stella’s whips hit their mark again and again, leaving the slave’s back bruised, welted and lacerated. Little does her neighbor know, that he too will be soon be one of Stella’s personal pets, living a life of slavery and servitude.


Humiliation – DomNation – SLAPPED SILLY – Janira Wolfe

 DomNation  SLAPPED SILLY   Janira Wolfe  preview

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Goddess Janira Wolfe has her slave helplessly pinned beneath her as she straddles him full weight, thus making his demise inevitable. Powerless to do anything other than simply lie beneath this breathtaking Goddess, this pet is about to receive a motivational face slapping.
Indeed, his irreverence is in need of an attitude adjustment. And what better way to cut a man down to size, than via a hard, stinging, cheek reddening face slapping from a beautiful, petite woman half his size.
His body flails and flops around like a fish out of water, but resistance is futile. He bucks his body uncontrollably in an attempt to avoid the blows, but Goddess Wolfe’s powerful ass and thighs hold him in place, keeping him prisoner as she slaps him relentlessly and without remorse.
Smack after stinging smack, she pounds his face and chest until he is begging for mercy. But the only mercy she grants him, is a momentary reprieve just long enough to spit a huge wad of saliva in his face.
After she is done with him, he will truly know his place of inferiority and servitude to The Wolfe.


Leather Boots – DomNation – THE ENSLAVEMENT OF MR. ROBERTS, PART 1 – Stella Liberty

 DomNation  THE ENSLAVEMENT OF MR ROBERTS PART 1   Stella Liberty  preview

222 MB – 1920*1080 – mp4 – 00:06:11

Mr. Roberts is a powerful business executive with a dirty little secret. Since the day he hired his personal assistant Miss Stella almost two years ago, he has hoped that she would one day become his Dominant Goddess and enslave him to her whims and desires.
Today, his fantasy shall become a reality, as Stella unveils her evil plan to Dominate her boss. During a late night meeting in Mr. Robert’s office, “Goddess” Stella arrives clad from head to toe in skin tight, glove soft leather leggings, boots, corset, gloves and trench coat. A leather fetishist’s wet dream come true, Mr. Roberts falls easy prey to his beautiful and seductive leather encased Assistant.
Naked and on his knees at her feet, Goddess Stella exploits his addiction for leather, as she flaunts her leather gloves and boots in his face while she informs him of his immediate future as her slave. She further unveils her knowledge that he has an uncontrollable lip gloss fetish, and has been stealing her lip gloss since the day he hired her.
As she seductively brushes her gloss over his lips, he falls into a deep state of submissive euphoria. With each stroke, he grows weaker and weaker. It is only a matter of time before Stella has her boss completely wrapped around her finger. And so the games begin…