Super Villain – The Mean Girls – The Ultimate in Paw-thetic – Goddess Platinum

 The Mean Girls  The Ultimate in Pawthetic   Goddess Platinum  preview

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This Dalmation survived Cruella Platinum’s execution of ALL of its 100 brothers and sisters! Cruella decided to keep it alive because it was just SO obedient to her every command. It groveled at her feet constantly and even helped her with the execution of her plan to turn its siblings into designer clothing for her to wear around town! Not to mention, it can…talk! (Kind of…) how amazing is that!?? But now her loyal puppee is groveling at her feet, literally begging her to…what? What is it that this mutt wants?
Wait, it seems to want to…be TURNED INTO A PAIR OF SHOES for his beautiful but cruel Master?? Can this be real?? It actually WANTS to be slaughtered, skinned, and have its hide turned into nothing more than a designer pair of pumps for his Beautiful Master to wear on her FEET? Cruella Platinum dangles her perfect stockinged foot in front of the mutt’s face and asks it AGAIN- “Is this REALLY what you want?? To be literally skinned alive for me, and turned into SHOES that I just slip my feet into without giving it a second thought?”
The dawwgg immediately begins to BEG for it! It even begins masturbating to the thought of being turned into FOOTWEAR for its beautiful Master!! Who knew a DAWWGG could have such a strong foot fetish??! But Cruella Platinum DOES have the most beautiful feet in the WORLD, so it’s not surprising that this poor canine is groveling for its on demise like this because of her perfect feet…
Soon, the beautiful Cruella Platinum is relishing in her power over this pathetic mutt. Playing with its very life for her own amusement. Dangling her perfect foot in front of it, and laughing at it while it masturbates like a pathetic hound, kneeling before her on her throne.
She decides to make a “deal” with it- if it cums into her Jimmy Choo shoes that she has been wearing all day – basically ruining them – she WILL turn HIM into a pair of shoes for her feet to replace them with!
She then begins teasing it, laughing in its face, reminding it over & over that if it dares to cum in her shoe- it will essentially seal its own demise. She begins MOCKING it, even trying to convince it NOT to cum! She reminds it over & over of the horrible things she will do to it if it cums! She even COMMANDS it to pull its paw away and stop masturbating over & over…yet the stupid, pathetic, self-destructive canine STILL BEGS ITS MASTER TO LET IT KEEP STROKING SO IT CAN CUM!!
There seems to be nothing Cruella can do to discourage this desperately loyal pooch! It really WANTS to be turned into a pair of shoes to be worn on her feet??
Cruella mockingly decides as the mutt is on the verge of cumming that she will instead turn his fur into a “fur lining” for the insoles of ALL her shoes! Will this change in plans finally get him to reconsider sealing his own doom? Or will it put him over the edge?? Cruella looks on with evil anticipation to see if she can say ANYTHING cruel and humiliating enough to get the loyal mutt to STOP masturbating to her beauty…and her perfect FEET.
Of course, she doesn’t care one bit about the mutt’s suffering…she just begins thinking about how nice, a comfy fur lining inside all of her designer shoes will feel on her feet as she slips them into all her designer shoes from now on…


Fetish – Miss Kitty Bliss – Cock Sandwich

Miss Kitty Bliss  Cock Sandwich  preview

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slave is humiliated by 2 gorgeous, cruel women as they laugh at and degrade him.
Ordered to eat crushed crisps from the floor before he is made to lie down on them and wank his pin dick with a sandwich before having to eat it, they ridicule him and use him as their footstool with their beautiful high heels.
Laughing at his small penis and how he brings a whole new meaning to the term ‘tossed salad’.
They use their long finger nails to crush up a banana and cover him in it making his cock into a garbage pile.
They depart to clean off their food covered hands whilst he is left to wank in the dirty mess they have created.


Edging Games – Young Goddess Kim – Entertainment on Demand

 Young Goddess Kim  Entertainment on Demand  preview

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I took this slave out of chastity this morning, made it kneel naked in a corner and handcuffed it while I went out for the day. I told it that maybe when I got back home I’ll let it have a much anticipated orgasm. Haha, we’ll see. I arrived home and I can see the pain and frustration on its face – but that is still not pleasing enough. I want to make it suffer even more. I uncuff the bitch and make it lick My soles clean first, then order it to start stroking its pathetic thing right in front of Me. If it wants to cum, it must try and convince Me just how desperate it really is. Making it stop just when it thinks I’ll allow it to cum is very entertaining, so I decide to make it a game for when My gfs come over later tonight. It becomes more and more pathetic and humiliated as I describe how We’ll use it tonight. I take pics of it while its on its knees licking My shoes to show My gfs how amusing having a slave can be. Well, they’ll find out later when I present to them My personal “Entertainment on Demand”
Includes: Young Goddess Kim, Femdom, Handcuffs, Masturbation Humiliation, Shoe Worship, Edging, Tease & Denial, Female Supremacy, Stiletto Fetish, Shoe slave, Orgasm Denial, Female Domination, CFNM


Slave Training – Anabelle Pync – Masturbation Humiliation Cum on My Pretty Toes Loser

 Anabelle Pync  Masturbation Humiliation Cum on My Pretty Toes Loser  preview

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Anabelle wants her slave to humiliate itself by jerking off in front of her. She live streams the video to her girlfriends so that they can laugh at him together. Anabelle spits in the loser, his display is very pathetic. Anabelle tells the loser that she wants him to cum on her toes. Only a loser would cum on a hot girl’s toes instead of inside her. Anabelle ties rope around the slave’s balls. She has him by them now, literally. The slave is totally owned. The slave shoots an absolutely monstrous load of cum all over Anabelle’s toes. She has not let this slave orgasm in a long time. Anabelle giggles. This huge load of cum is perfect for her other slave’s training. She calls her other slave into the room. It will be the second slave’s task to clean up the first one’s mess from her feet with its mouth.


Orgasm Control – Brat Princess 2 – Lola – Good Toilets get to Edge

 Brat Princess 2  Lola  Good Toilets get to Edge  preview

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Lola’s toilet gets to get out of chastity and edge for her because it was good and swallowed everything she told it to, solids and liquids. Now it gets to stroke to Lola’s ass and cunt, the source of its sustenance. The slave is reminded that it is a full toilet while it kisses Lola’s ass. It must stroke to Lola’s cunt; the source of what Lola gives it to drink. The slave climaxes messily while kissing Lola’s ass. Once the toilet training is finished, Lola locks the slave right back up in chastity.


Slave – Mistress Iside – SHOEJOB ADVENTURE

Mistress Iside  SHOEJOB ADVENTURE  preview

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Today Mistress Eden has bought a pair of red shoes but before putting back in her closet has decided to try them once again. After having walked several times back and forth through the Dungeon nave she realized the sole is now not clean. It would therefore useful something to clean them, so why use a cloth when around is available a slave which was previously bound by Mistress Iside for a CBT session ? Mistress Eden decides to use this slave’s cock already well exposed on a bench. She then began to rub the soles of his shoes but a small spot still do not wanna go away. She rubs stronger, then again slowly, then still strong but self-control of this slave at the end gives place to excitement. This slave is now fully captured by the beautiful Mistress Eden shoes until he gets to an unexpected orgasm but absolutely awesome !! Now Mistress Eden will have another product to clean the soles of his shoes … the sperm of this slave !!!


Mia – Brat Princess 2 – BP – Cut Out of Chastity for Spoon Feeding

 Brat Princess 2  BP  Cut Out of Chastity for Spoon Feeding  preview

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4K Ultra HD Natalya lost the key to her slave’s chastity device, but she really wants to get him out of it so that she can spoon feed him his own cum. She gets a bolt cutter and cuts the lock on its chastity device. Her slave is finally free for the first time in months! Natalya tells her slave to start stroking for her and her friends, Chloe and Mia. The girls all make Natalya’s slave kiss their butts. They all laugh at him while he goons over their bodies. The slave obeys Princess Natalya and cums in a glass. After the key being lost and spending so long in chastity, it’s a huge load. The girls laugh at the slave while he swallows the enormous load. The slave obediently swallows every drop for the girls’ amusement.


Jerk Off Instruction – Lady Voyeurs – Wank Addict – Saskia Jade

 Lady Voyeurs  Wank Addict   Saskia Jade  preview

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Jake’s flatmate Saskia has found one of his porn magazines and can’t understand what the attraction is. When he walks in she confronts him about his wank addiction. She teases him by lifting her dress and showing her perfect ass. She then tells him to get his cock out and show her what all the fuss is about. She strips off to encourage him and he is soon jerking away over her beautiful body. Seeing her naked and begging him to cum soon sends him over the edge to a big orgasm!


Jerk Off Instruction – Lady Voyeurs – Police Let Off – Porscha Byrne

 Lady Voyeurs  Police Let Off   Porscha Byrne  preview

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Police woman Porsche Byrne has been sent to investigate a spate of indecent exposures in the park. She has photo evidence of the culprit and visits him at his home. She tells him that she can keep his crime quiet if he does as she says. His first task is to expose himself to her. He is thrilled to get his cock out for her but shocked when she tells him to jack off for her. He starts jerking and when she opens her legs he shoots a big load of cum for her!