Dildo Fucking – ClubDom – Sissy Fucked by Miss Roper

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Miss Roper’s sissy slave has taken his punishment and his ass is now the proper shade of red. It’s time for the slut to get his ass fucking. Miss Roper has her bitch on his knees in front of her. She shoves her fingers in his mouth as she tells him how she is about to make his slutty dreams a reality. But before he can take Miss Roper’s cock, he will have to beg for it. After properly begging for Miss Roper’s cock, she allows her slut to suck on it. Miss Roper makes him drool and slobber all over her shaft, as she forces him to deep throat her huge cock. Now it’s time for the fucking! Miss Roper wants to make sure this slut never forgets her cock. She slams her hips with her cock into her helpless slave’s ass. She laughs and smiles, the deeper she rams her huge cock into her screaming slave’s ass. There is no doubt that Miss Roper owns this whore completely. Especially his slutty ass!


Bondage Male – ClubDom – Miss Roper’S Dungeon Slave – Whipped

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“The best thing after a nice deep fuck, is a cigarette,” says Miss Roper to her kneeling obedient slave. She has just given her bitch a proper strap on fucking and now Miss Roper is relaxing on her throne. Miss Roper has her slave light her cigarette so she can blow her smoke in his face and use his mouth as her ashtray. Impact play usually isn’t Miss Roper’s favorite thing but she is in a particularly sadistic mood today! She informs her bitch that she is going to destroy him with her red dragon tail whip! Miss Roper commands her slave to stand on the whipping platform and she secures his wrist cuffs to a bar positioned above his head. Now that he isn’t going anywhere and can’t run away, Miss Roper begins her slave’s discipline. She starts by warming up his back and then begins to whip her slave harder. Miss Roper has no mercy n ignores the screams and moans of her helpless victim. By the end of the beating the slaves back is covered in red welt marks from Miss Roper’s whip. Too bad for him that Miss Roper’s thirst for pain is not quite yet quenched!


Spanked – ClubDom – Sissy Punishment By Miss Roper

 ClubDom  Sissy Punishment By Miss Roper  preview

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Miss Roper has her sissy slave over to clean the house. When she walks into the living room and sees her sissy’s appearance, she is appalled. Miss Roper tells her sissy that he looks like a sloppy little whore. His wig is everywhere and he is not even wearing any makeup! Miss Roper decides to fix his appearance by taking hot pink lipstick and writing “COCK” across his face. The “O” is around his mouth because that is where cocks belong. Miss Roper is about to fuck this slut with the big black cock that she is wearing. But 1st, she decides to get his ass nice n red with a hard paddling. He has to learn to always look his best and be presentable in the presence of his Goddess. She uses a studded leather paddle to teach her slut a lesson. Once the whore’s ass is the perfect shade of red, Miss roper is going to use her strap on to continue his lesson!


Humiliation – ClubDom – Miss Roper’s Dungeon Slave – Caned

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Miss Roper explains to her slave that the whipping that he received was just a warmup. She tells him that the caning that she is going to give his ass will make the whipping seem pale in comparison. Miss Roper laughs as she tells her now terrified slave that she loves destroying ass more than any other body part. The bitch is secured to the caning bench with his sore balls still tightly bound in rope. Miss Roper begins the beating by lightly hitting her slave’s ass with several cane strokes. She lets her bitch know that his ass belongs to her! She can fuck it, spank it, slap it, cane it or anything else she may feel like doing. The fierce caning continues as her slave kicks, thrashes, cries and screams. Finally, Miss Roper walks away from her helpless bound slave, satisfied by the red cane marks that cover her bitch’s ass. Her slave is left wondering, if she will come back?


Boots – ClubDom – Miss Roper’s slave Gets His Reward

 ClubDom  Miss Ropers slave Gets His Reward  preview

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The moment that Miss Roper’s slave has been waiting for is finally here! It’s time for him to get his “whore hole” fucked by his Goddess. This slave is a slut n lives for cock. He has been slapped, paddled n stretched all day for being disobedient. But now he is laying on the bondage bed with his legs spread wide. Miss Roper comes over with her huge strap on and tells her slut that he won’t be fucked just yet. Miss Roper won’t fuck his slutty ass until his slutty mouth makes her cock wet. The only lube he is going to get is his spit n drool, so he better get to work. Miss Roper rams her cock all the way down her slut’s throat. Good thing she already stretched his throat earlier. Once her cock is lubed enough, Miss Roper has her bitch spread his legs. She holds one of his legs in the air and fucks him sideways. The slut finally is getting what he wanted. Miss Roper smiles and laughs while her slut moans in pain. Finally, Miss Roper takes her slut form behind and pounds his ass without mercy. She goes balls deep as she bottoms out hard against her slave’s ass over n over. She asks her slave “who’s ass is this?” There is no doubt that this ass belongs to Miss Roper!


Faceslap – ClubDom – Slapped by Miss Roper For Disobedience

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Miss Roper has her slave cleaning the dungeon today. This slave is about to find out what happens when you don’t obey Miss Roper. She has told her slave several times to always have a hood on, in her presence. She doesn’t want to see his ugly face. When she walks in the dungeon to inspect his work, what does she see? Her slave’s uncovered ugly face! Miss Roper tells her disobedient pathetic bitch of a slave that since he wants his face exposed then she`ll have to use his face to teach him a lesson. Miss Roper slaps her slave in the face very hard several times to get her point across. She then spits on his face just to show him how worthless he is. Her slave made a big mistake and Miss Roper doesn’t like mistakes. She grabs her bitch by the throat and continues to slap his ugly face without mercy. After slapping her slave and spitting on him repeatedly for several minutes, Miss Roper commands her slave to crawl and find a hood. He only has ten seconds to put it on, so the bitch better hurry!


Dildo – ClubDom – Miss Roper’s Dungeon Slave – Strap On Fucked

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Raquel Roper, or as she likes to be called, Miss Roper, has her slave by the balls. Miss Roper is pulling her bitch with a rope that is tightly tied around her pathetic slave’s swollen nut sack. This isn’t going to be an easy day for her slave. She makes him go around n around in circles while she is pulling him from behind. After Miss Roper tortures her slave’s balls a little bit, just for fun, she makes her slave get her strap on cock wet with his slut hole mouth. Once her big black strap on is nicely lubed, it’s time for her slave to get fucked. Miss Roper pounds her bitch hard in several positions until her slut releases his filthy cum all over himself. Miss Roper laughs as she humiliates her slut by making him suck his cum off her latex glove covered fingers. The fun part of this slave’s day is over. Next, it’s time for his punishment!


Milking – ClubDom – Miss Roper’s Dungeon Slave – Milked

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Miss Roper’s slave has had a very long day of torture n torment so far. He has been fucked with a strap on, whipped, caned n forced to fuck his Goddess with a dildo gag. Now the slave is standing in front of Miss Roper with his hands bound above his head. His cock is tied up with rope that is attached to his slave collar, as its been all day. His balls are swollen and full of cum. Miss Roper tells her bitch that it’s time for his full balls to be emptied! Miss Roper begins to gently stroke her slaves cock. Telling him how she is going to toy with his dick n torment him by slowly edging him before he is allowed to cum. As Miss Roper continues to stroke his hard cock she teases him by rubbing her perky tits n rubbing her perfect ass against him. Miss Roper finally decides that her slave has been teased enough and allows her bitch to cum in her hand. She informs her slave that the purpose of this orgasm is for him to eat it! She then forces her slave to lick and suck all of his filth off her fingers and hand. Miss Roper walks away leaving her still erect slave standing bound in the dungeon. Her slave thanks her and is left there to think about everything that has happened today.


Strapon – Miss Roper – Sissy Gimp Stripped & Double Stuffed

 Miss Roper  Sissy Gimp Stripped  Double Stuffed  preview

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A sissy gimp encased in pink sensory deprivation n bondage belts, balling him into the perfect fuck toy for me to toss up & down on my dick. My own latex encased body and dehumanized puppet before me sending the sadistic wheels of my mind turning, knobs twisting, eager to see every one of this gimp’s holes filled. These are all things that turn me on. Simply watch as I make my own wet dreams, reality. This isn’t fiction. It’s my life, my passion, what I want to jerk off to. I mean, I`ve been eager to use one of my newly acquired fucking machine’s as an accomplice in wreaking havoc down throats n deep into assholes; might as well film it right?


Alrik Angel – Miss Roper – Knock & Get Fucked

 Miss Roper  Knock  Get Fucked  preview

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After a wild night of partying I stumbled into my home and on the couch, day light creeping in through the windows but my heavy eye lids allowing for sleep. However my rest doesn’t last long as I’m stirred by a rapid knock at the door. On the other side is Alrik, a young promising pastor who wishes to spread the word at a very unholy hour. However, he doesn’t wake me; just causes me to move about in my sleep. The knock occurs again, louder, and I curse under my breath at the sound and sleep takes hold of me once more. The third time, Alrik knocks so hard that it pushes open the unlocked door and he welcomes himself in. A mistake he will find himself regretting. I shriek in my intruders direction, but slowly change my tune as I see that he is merely a harmless fly; an annoyance gripping at a bible. A wild idea enters my sadistic mind as I allow him to sit on my couch and begin to give his spiel, offering to go to the kitchen and grab him something to drink as his throat must be parched from bullshit spilling from it. Spiking it with a little something to silence him, I watch with a wicked smile as he gulps it down and slowly finds himself drifting as I had been trying to on the sofa. When he awakens, he enters into a nightmare. His ankles cuffed, mouth stuffed with a ball-bag, and his neck and wrists shackled by a steel stockade. That pure virgin cock of his stuffed behind a plastic prison. He squirms, attempting to fight my bondage with wide eyes as I approach. I’m going to enjoy every minute of toying with him. Squeezing his full balls, clawing up his toned muscular body. My tongue flicks across the cage and my fingers poke at the skin leaking through as his cock tries to grow rock hard. This promising pastor as no idea what kind of trouble he’s gotten himself in with knocking at my door. This is only the beginning…