Ass Smothering – Mistress_Trish – Banned in Britain

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“Someone has been a very naughty boy passing stupid laws in the UK,” Mistress Trish smirks, “and he’s about to get a proper British caning.” “That’s outlawed. You’re going to me,” protests the poor unfortunate soul who is tied down to her spanking bench. “I know,” Trish agrees as she winds up her enormous cane for the first strike of “six of her best” proper regulation British caning. She pulls back, swings, and taps the bottom’s ass in the most anticlimactic fashion possible. In the way that is now, sadly, a British caning. He wails in response to the tap of Trish’s cane as she pulls back to give him the next wimpy tap on the ass with her cane. Six strikes later and the bottom is whining, “this is so extreme, I can’t take this, I’ll be lucky is I live.” “I know,” Trish smirks in response, “and that’s not all I’m going to do to you. I’m going to mercilessly face sit you.” “What?” pleads the bottom. “Yes, I might end up you. I’ve heard that face sitting is potentially lethal in the UK,” Trish informs him. “You’re kidding me, no, no, save me somebody,” the bottom pleads again. Sadly for him the merciless face sitting will happen in an attempt to prove British law correct. With a portrait of the Queen in place Trish mounts her victims face and proceeds to ruthlessly face sit him. “Are you yet?” she inquires as she presses her bottom firmly, cruelly, against his face. “It’s awful isn’t it?” Trish inquires as she continues to ruthlessly face sit the bottom. “I bet you can’t breathe under there,” she notes, “are you going to at any moment?” “Yes, yes,” he manages to mutter although he is completely smothered under Trish’s ass. “You don’t look like you’re dying to me,” Trish comments as she continues to lethally smother the sub with her pussy. “Well, by the law it says I will ,” the bottom manages to mutter in response. To which Trish laughs and comments, “yeah, you haven’t died yet. Why the hell not,” as she presses her bottom back into the bottom’s face. “Oh my god,” he responds, “this is disgusting. You’re me.” Trish laughs again and sits firmly back on his face. “Well, it’s not that awful,” the bottom mutters through perfect ass cheeks. “Are you yet?” Trish asks as she raises her bottom for a moment. “No,” he manages. “Let’s try again,” she responds as she plants her bum on his face for another go at proving British law to be true. “For someone who’s supposed to be there’s a lot of talking coming from you,” Trish observes as the bottom comments that he thinks he “likes this.” Laughing Trish inquires, “well why the fuck did you make this illegal then?” “I don’t know,” is the best response to that question that the bottom can offer. Trish raises and lowers her butt onto his face trying her darnedest to off the bottom. To no avail. “It’s very stupid to make face sitting illegal,” she decides, “because it certainly isn’t lethal. Is it? Are you yet?” “Not really,” the poor soul who has been so cruelly face sat acquiesces. “Are you enjoying this?” Trish laughs. “Now I am,” admits the long suffering nearly offed bottom. “If Britain were smart it would undue these stupid laws because, really, face sitting is far from lethal. About as far from lethal as anything. It’s stupid,” Trish notes as she tries one last time to smother the poor bottom to completion. “Right?” she asks the bottom. “Yes,” he admits. “Are you yet?” she retorts. He shakes his head “no.” Solidarity.


Female Domination – Mistress_Trish – Her Amazing Muscles Over Power Him

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Mistress Trish is going to use her amazingly muscular body to over power and dominate wimpy slave elihu. She immediately menacingly wraps her muscular thighs around his neck and starts maneuvering his neck in ever direction as she talks smack to him. She then throws him down and wraps her thighs around his neck for an incredibly powerful scissorhold in which she crushes his skull and uses the strength of her body to bounce his painfully up and down. Ignoring the slave’s sputters of pain Trish immediately cinches him down in a dangerously–sexy–reverse scissor as soon as she releases her grasp. She squeezes his puny head tightly between her heavily but lethal thighs, knowing that being so close to her perfection is good incentive for the slave to shut up and take it. Not like he has a choice. Expertly Trish transitions into another straight scissorhold so that she can enjoy seeing her victim’s face as he struggles and gasps for air. She presses her open palm firmly against his mouth to intensity his struggles and suffering, laughing as he gasps helplessly and hopelessly for air. Next comes a quick face sitting smother to emphasize the slave’s weakness in comparison to Trish as she contemplate how best to fuck with him next. She decides on a brutal figure four hold where she uses her thighs and calf muscle to maneuver his head in every direction before slamming him back down to the ground as she transitions into another quick but dangerous straight scissorhold. Speaking of dangerous no beatdown would be complete without Trish’s especially dangerous arm choke hold. She wraps her lethally powerful triceps, biceps, and forearms around the poor slave and crushes his neck in that dangerous way that Trish excels at. The poor slave is visibly purple when Trish releases her grasp. Too bad for him that she wants a final side body scissor before being down with him. She crushes him like a python would it’s prey and then stands victoriously on his chest as she berates him for being so pathetically weak and treats him to one final show of her muscular strength.


Ballbusting – Mistress_Trish – Sap Gloves and Spiked Boot Brutal Beatdown

MistressTrish  Sap Gloves and Spiked Boot Brutal Beatdown  preview

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When Mistress Trish immediately starts throwing punches at slave m the poor slave knows that he’s in for quite the brutal beatdown. In addition to the Sadists obvious desire to kick his ass what makes this beatdown particularly cruel is that Trish is wearing sap gloves for maximum punching damage and spiked boots for maximum body kick and ball busting damage. Within the first minute she has thoroughly used the slave as a punching bag, kicked his chest and stomach until it is covered in puncture wounds from her spiked boots, and kicked his balls so hard that he recoils from the pain. And that’s just the warm up. Never giving him a chance to rest, excepting when he has to drag his body back to standing after dropping from especially mean ball punts, Trish is relentless. She mixes her brutal beatdown up, keeping the slave on his toes, as she punches, kicks, and nut punts him into submission. The power of her muscular body is scary enough but with the sap gloves and the boots the poor sub is quickly winded. Not that that matters to Trish. Instead it eggs her on, making her kick his ass with delight even harder. After a barrage of non-stop body blows the Sadist is–almost–satisfied. She promises the beaten slave on last especially mean full force ball kick. True to form Trish delivers. As the poor slave is hunched over from the power of Trish’s ball bust Trish beams in satisfaction as she flexes her insanely beautiful lithe and brutal muscles.


Female Domination – Mistress_Trish – You Know You’re in Trouble When the Gloves Come On

MistressTrish  You Know Youre in Trouble When the Gloves Come On  preview

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Mistress Trish slides on a pair of thick leather gloves noting to slave m, who is kneeling obediently in front of her, “you know you’re in trouble when the gloves come on.” She proceeds to slap his face ruthlessly. She rapidly knocks his head back and forth, slapping him hard and pausing only to spit in his mouth. When one glob of spit lands on his face she smiles, “I like that I get to slap that spit off of your face.” And she does. Hard. She punctuates the rapid back and forth slaps with some singular especially hard slaps that send the slave’s head flying. “And as nice as the gloves are I want some barehanded,” she smirks as she slips the gloves off to have some fun slapping him with her bare palms. “Awww, you’re cheeks are looking a little red there,” she smiles between slaps, “might have fucked them up a little bit.” She finishes him off with a rapid fire series and a sneaky insanely hard face slap before leaning over him and spitting into his mouth. “Good,” she smirks obviously satisfied.


Cbt – Mistress_Trish – Let Out of Chastity to be Fucked With

MistressTrish  Let Out of Chastity to be Fucked With  preview

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Poor submale has been locked up in chastity for a long, long, time. So, when Mistress Trish lets him know that he’s about to be let out the slave is mistakenly extremely excited. Of course Trish is not going to let him orgasm. Instead she decides to fuck with his cock by fucking his cock with two large metal sounds. She twists and turns the first sound, sinking it all the way down his urethra, all the while teasing him that this is the only type of fucking his cock is going to receive. She also teases him by stimulating his cock a bit with the sound inside, warning him that he had better not orgasm or she will have to place him in permanent chastity by removing his balls. Because it has been so long since the slave has orgasmed he cannot help but get a bit hard as Trish touches and penetrates his cock. Unluckily for him that means he gets a second, considerably thicker, sound sunk all the way into his cock hole. Delighting in the stretched, uncomfortable, sensation that this provides for her slave Trish fucks his cock aggressively. She gyrates, taps, turns, and pulls the thick sound in and out of his poor pecker until she is satisfied that his cock has been fucked with enough. Then she promptly locks him back up in chastity. It takes a bit of “woman handling” to squeeze his aching blue balls back into the ball ring of the chastity device which Trish enjoys thoroughly. Then, because he is still a bit frustratedly hard, it takes a bit of squeezing to get his unfortunate cock back into its metal cage. Trish is determined and manages to cram both cock and balls into the chastity device and snaps her lock securely in place as the poor sub sighs in resigned frustration.


Female Domination – Mistress_Trish – Violently Scratched Until he Begs for Mercy

MistressTrish  Violently Scratched Until he Begs for Mercy  preview

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“I’m kind of in the mood to scratch the sh*t out of slave thrash,” Mistress Trish states as she shows off her sexy silver fingernails. Sure enough slave thrash is in for a merciless scratching. Trish warms him up for a bit by raking her nails sensually across the flesh of his torso. The warn-up however does not last for long as Trish is quickly enticed by the sub’s moans of pain, and by the brilliant red scratch marks that appear instantly on his body, to scratch him violently and with no mercy. She rips the front of his torso open. Trying, to no avail, to hide from the agony of Trish’s fingernails the sub rolls into a fetal position which only exposes his–not for long–unmarked side and back for Trish to tear into. The sadist’s lust for his suffering amplifies the aggressiveness with which she scratches him. Soon his back and side are covered in thick red scratch marks. He tries again–to no avail–to escape the torment by turning over which only exposes his other side for Trish to flay violently. She orders him to flip over to his back so that she can admire her marks…and so that she can toy with his cock. She digs her fingernails into the head of cock, laughing as his fear and pain get the better of him. She digs into and rips open his tender underbelly before turning her cruel attention to his thighs. The slave begs for mercy as the searing pain of Trish’s talons tear open his thigh flesh. Fucking with him Trish doesn’t show him mercy right away. Instead she treats him to some ultra violent, long, fast, deep scratches and digs her nails aggressively into his wounded, sore, thigh flesh before admiring her marks and how much she tore his body apart.


Female Domination – Mistress_Trish – Ripped and Destroyed

MistressTrish  Ripped and Destroyed  preview

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Mistress Trish was going to take submale out to a fetish party but the slob showed up dressed in the a ratty old outfit that just won’t do. So instead of getting to enjoy her company the slob gets his clothes ripped and destroyed while Trish makes fun of him for being such a slob. She seizes the hole in his pants–right in the crotch–and tears it open. The outfit is so threadbare that his pants practically fall off as Trish rips them with her strong hands. She guesses that the cheap sub will probably try to patch his shabby outfit back together so she destroys the pants. Taking a blade to them and ripping them to shreds Trish continues to make fun of what a slob he is. When the pants are completely tattered Trish turns her attention to his shirt, violently ripping the buttons open and then shredding it with both her blade and her hands. By the time she is done destroying his outfit the clothes are tattered and torn, hanging on by mere thread, which, Trish notes, is an improvement.


Strap-on – Mistress_Trish – Fucked in Butt County

MistressTrish  Fucked in Butt County  preview

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In Butt County Texas having more than six dildos is a crime. When the Sheriff of Butt County catches a law breaking dildo salesman with a seventh dildo concealed in his mouth she teaches him a lesson that he won’t forget anytime soon. She ties him up in her sling and takes him for a “wild ride,” showing him exactly how his dildo products should be used and ensuring that he won’t ever break Butt County’s laws again by fucking him hard in the ass with one of his giant dildos. The poor, unfortunate, dildo salesman squeals like a pig when the Sheriff shoves her massive cock into his hole. Not feeling merciful–at all–the Sheriff fucks him hard in the butt ignoring his moans of pain as she berates him for breaking Butt County laws. By the time she’s–almost–done taking his ass the dildo salesman swears he’ll never return to Butt County. To ensure that that’s the case the Sheriff slams his hole hard and fast, driving her point home, as the law breaker winces in pain from having a thick, over a foot long, strap-on rammed in and out of his ass. “If I ever catch you in Butt County again,” the Sheriff warns the dildo salesman, “you’re getting a really big dildo.”