Cbt – Club Stiletto FemDom – The Water Boy – Miss Jasmine

 Club Stiletto FemDom  The Water Boy   Miss Jasmine  preview

758.6 MB – 1920×1080 – MPEG-4 – 00:10:19

Miss Jasmine is in the tub and so is her slave. He is there to lick her armpits because she prefers to get them clean that way rather than with the water. She has just been out for a walk so her pits are sweaty and you can see the slave is really enjoying the task and the flavor. Miss Jasmine says his mouth is dry and tilts his head back to spit in his mouth. He moves to the other pit and is told to sniff and lick. After he is done with that task she takes and smothers him in her breasts before again spitting into his mouth followed by a lot of slapping of his face. The slave is hard from the special treatment so she slaps him even more. She then grabs him by the balls, pulls him upwards and slaps his cock repeatedly as hard as she can.
She then leans over him, spits on him again and again gives him an armpit to lick. Then more face slapping and then back to his cock and balls for some twisting and kneeing, more spitting, then she actually bites his nipples before slapping his face again and then more spitting. Now she strips out of her outfit and pulls on his nipples while again spitting in his mouth. There is little rest for this slave because as seductive as it is she keeps him in a state of pain through out, pretty much. Next she has the slave sit on the edge of the tub where she can get at his cock, stroking it, slapping it and spitting on it. She slaps his cock and then his face and asks which he likes more. Which do you think he chooses? Now some more nipple biting and cock twisting until finally she decides she has had enough tub time and is ready to abuse him on the bed. She slaps his ass and tells him to go get her a towel. If you like a sensual scene with a lot of pain this ones for you!


Nipple Clamps – SADO LADIES Femdom Clips – Cruel Torture On The Rack – Mistress Cloe

SADO LADIES Femdom Clips  Cruel Torture On The Rack   Mistress Cloe  preview

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today we have another masterpiece here starring mistress cloe. dressed in expensive hot outfit of leather she announces that she is pretty satisfied with her slave today, so he gets a reward. well, a reward depends on the perspective, cuz when beeing a slave of a cruel lady, reward usually means punishment or torture. so our cruel goddess is bound tight to a torture rack, his body well exposed to the cruelty of his mistress.
first she attaches some nice nipple clamps and then some clamps on his chest. she is pretty satisfied with this but she is even more happy when she slaps of the clamps. first with her leather gloved hands, then using a rubber cane. the poor slave is shaking all the time cuz he is very affraid of the torture methods of mistress cloe.
next she ripps of the nipple clamps after twisting with the clamps a lil bit, but the time without pain is just short for her victim cuz next she applies some harder clamps with weights to his nipples.
but what about the exposed legs of the slave? they look like a virgin, so mistress cloe takes out a strap to apply some burning welts on the skin.
more torture follows with a riding crop and a cat o nine tails until mistress cloe is satisfied. long torture clip! class a femdom action as usual! clip duration: 14.16 mins. nice price!


Nipple Play – SADO LADIES Femdom Clips – Tortured With Boots And Clamps – Empress Victoria

 SADO LADIES Femdom Clips  Tortured With Boots And Clamps   Empress Victoria  preview

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here we have a new clip with phantastic german goddess empress victoria. she is dressed so hot and dominant with an elegant and expensive corset, a leather skirt and expensive high heel boots on her feet. her slave is ordered to crawl closer to her and gets encolared on a leash. he is then ordered to worship her boots starting at the soles and lick them perfectly clean. whenever he gets too horny and gets too close he gets some sharp lashes with the leash.
then its time for some nipple torture. after he gets a slap on his face the mistress gets out some painful nipple clamps putting them where they belong to. a wonderful toy to play with and to inflict some pain.
the slave then has to change position and lie his head onto a stool and he has to open his legs wide. he gets some painful kicks from her boots all around and empress victoria uses also the heels of her boots to play with the nipple clamps. then he has to worship again the boots of his mistress.
empress victoria is very playful and very dominant with her slaves as some may already seen in earlier productions and she is again here! very hot classic femdom clip!


Mistresses – CRUEL PUNISHMENTS – SEVERE FEMDOM – Slow, huge slaps – Mistress Nina

CRUEL PUNISHMENTS  SEVERE FEMDOM  Slow huge slaps   Mistress Nina  preview

145.0 MB – 720×406 – mp4 – 00:11:22

The slave has to bear the huge slaps of Mistress Nina. She gives him well aimed smacks with both hands, from both sides with huge force. She slowly and carefully lifts her hands and the smacks are ringing in his ear. Some nipple pinching and twisting makes his punisment more exciting.
Features: hard face slapping, corporal punishment, nipple play, spitting, female domination


Bdsm – Mistress Luna – Beg Me for more

 Mistress Luna  Beg Me for more  preview

328.1 MB – 1920×1080 – mp4 – 00:08:52

I will have this boy all day in My dungeon and all I want is to drive him crazy tease him use and abuse him and repeat!
For the moment, and in this clip, he is immobilized on a chair, impossible to move legs or hands ! He don’t know what I am going to do with him or how I am going to use him !
I begin with a short body inspection: checking his genitals and his nipples …and I find out he have very sensitive nipples : is good to know, so I will use this each time I want to give him pain or arouse him.
A slave shall always worship his Mistress but in his position in the chair is nearly impossible for him to worship My boots so I order him to worship My ass clad in leather and not only!
The fun is just beginning for Me: the more the groaning of the slave grow in intensity, the more I am amused and I wish to give him more pain!
Well, I am having fun, is true, but for My slave, this is the first lesson of his slavery!
No matter how much pain I give him …when I touch his dick, he is instantly getting hard …so, he learn: from now on, he is totally under My control: his dick is Mine! I control him and his dick and I use it as I like.
I can whip you to …but when I touch your dick , he is getting hard for Me, instantly!
My hands can be so heavy and painful but also very soft and arousing . isn’t that ,,magic,,?
My small beautiful hands can inflict so much pain and bring so much pleasure at same time !


Ass Smother – Club Stiletto FemDom – Would You Do Anything To Be Under My Ass – Mistress Irene

 Club Stiletto FemDom  Would You Do Anything To Be Under My Ass   Mistress Irene  preview

451.4 MB – 1920×1080 – mp4 – 00:06:13

Introducing Mistress Irene, a cruel Domina with one of the most amazing asses you will ever encounter. The scene opens with Mistress Irene’s slave bound to a discipline chair. As she enters, she tells the slave that because he has pleased her, she’s going to release him and reward him with his greatest pleasure. “What is your greatest pleasure?” she asks. “Your ass, Goddess” he replies. She turns to give him an up close view of her divine ass while she rubs her hands over it and bends over to titillate him with it. She asks if he’s going to kiss it, worship it, suffer under it when she sits on his face, and fight to his last breath; naturally, he agrees to everything.
She removes the bindings, and as the scene rolls over, she stands above him while he lies on the ground with his head in the face-sitting box. She places one foot on each side of the box and sits on his face. The amazing camera angles in this video make you feel like she’s about to sit on your face. As she restricts his air, she allows him to stroke but tells him not to cum, and says “There’s no need for them to cum more than once a month. if ever.” Irene is very serious about sitting on the slave properly so his air is restricted, and she’s content just to smile while he kicks. When she gives him a breath it is but for a second. She pulls on his nipples and tells him that air is a privilege for him, not a right. She shifts to her side so you and the slave can see her ass in all its glory. She makes the slave tell her how much he loves it and moves back again to cover his face completely. She kicks his hand away from his cock and stretches her legs out across his body. She leans back to relax while the slave starts to squirm, then kick, and finally thrashes frantically. Irene just laughs …


Cock Tease – Mistress Roberta – Nipple play -cock experiment

Mistress Roberta  Nipple play cock experiment  preview

314.0 MB – 720×392 – mp4 – 00:13:35

Today my subby boyfriend is passing tough an experiment that came in my mind playing with him . I wanted to see after how long he would have precum if i play with his nipples so i did for some time and when i got bored i just let him there waiting for me but the precum he gave me it was not enough i could barely see it so i decided to leave .


Femdom – Mistress Roberta – Play with yourself while i will whip your nipples

Mistress Roberta  Play with yourself while i will whip your nipples  preview

102.6 MB – 704×384 – mp4 – 00:04:28

Today my subby boyfriend gets a new play because i got a bit disturbed because he did not gave a a decent drop of precum in the other video but after he did have alot of precum so i decided to take the mini latex flogger and whip his nipples while he plays with his cock and when he finished i whip his cock and balls �� enjoy!