Double Domination – Dirty Dommes – New rubber doll strap-on fucked part 1 – Maya Liyer and Fetish Liza

 Dirty Dommes  New rubber doll strapon fucked part 1   Maya Liyer and Fetish Liza  preview

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Having a new rubber doll to play with is always exciting. Goddess Maya Liyer and I, Fetish Liza take on the task of training this latex slut. Look how eager this creature is, so horny, so ready to be fucked hard by 2 sexy Mistresses. We stretch it’s mouth with our cocks and pound it’s asshole.stretching the new doll from both ends. What a hungry whore for our dicks, we love it!


Foot Worship – Subby Hubby – Tucker And Kenzie’s Bitch – Footjob

 Subby Hubby  Tucker And Kenzies Bitch  Footjob  preview

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Tucker Stevens and Kenzie Reeves are 2 sisters who think the repairman is HOT. They decide to get him to stay a while.. except he has to do what they say. Before he knows what happened, he is on his knees and at the mercy of these hot women. Whatever they want to do to him is FINE by him! Little does he know they`ve more involved plans than he thinks, and it involves making him an obedient pet used for sexual pleasure with not a care for his own. He is going to be their foot bitch.


Face Sitting – Young Goddess Kim – Breathtaking Goddess

Young Goddess Kim  Breathtaking Goddess preview

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My ass is superior, a slaves face is worthless. My comfort is far more important than its need to breathe. Sacrifices must be made to please Me, today I am going to take your breath away. With My supreme ass. I am giving new purpose to its face and making it My cushion. It struggles underneath Me as I sit My full weight over its face. What a useless object, always squirming and making muffled noises under My ass. If it doesn’t stop I warn I will smother it until it does. I shut it up, slap it and sit back down hard on its face. It tries desperately to breathe while pinned tightly between My butt. Sniff it, kiss it, worship and give in to it. It must accept its fate and be all consumed by My powerful pantyhose clad butt.
Includes: Ass smothering, POV angles, Femdom, Pantyhose, Stockings, Squash/Smother, Hand Smother, Face sitting, Human Furniture, Female Domination, Female Supremacy, Goddess Worship


Princess Beverly – THE MEAN GIRLS – Pull Them Apart

THE MEAN GIRLS  Pull Them Apart preview

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Alternate video formats available by searching title To get this clip for less money click here Pull Them Apart *Bonus Footage* (1080 HD) PULL THEM APART!We decided to have some fun with one of the house slaves. (We just got done shooting with another slave that couldn’t handle our ballbusting- so we decided to use this one.) We attach his one ankle to our new couch and then tie a rope to the other ankle and run it under the other side of the couch- so while one of us is kicking him, the other one can be pulling his legs apart so we can get the best “nut-shot” possible! We even have socks on him so his feet will slide and allow his legs to be pulled apart more easily for us! (Aren’t we smart Mean Girls?? lol) We also handcuff his hands behind his back- just cuz we want to. And so he is COMPLETELY helpless and exposed to us.Then we go to town on his nuts! The funniest part is that even in just our stockinged feet we apparently did some real damage to this pathetic loser’s balls! He was crawling around the Manor the next day with a huge, swollen scrotum haha! But we all decided not to let him go to the hospital this time because we needed him here to serve us. And that is more important.Apparently me n Princess Beverly are learning how to kick just as hard as all the other Mean Girls! �� The slave even goes down right on his FACE on the marble floor at the end after our last kick! Haha. -Princess Bella***NOTE FROM THE QUEEN: I filmed some extra footage the next day of the damage done to the slave’s balls LOL! It was great…all swollen up and black n blue…the footage is added to the end of the 1080HD version of this clip only!-The Queen


Pantyhose Domination – Tease And Thank You – Total Sensory Deprivation, by Helix – Mistress Helix

Tease And Thank You  Total Sensory Deprivation by Helix   Mistress Helix preview

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My slave cannot see or hear anything, which I really enjoy. Not just earplugs, but loud headphones ensure no hearing, a careful blindfold means no cheating out the bottom. I play, tease, surprise, mess with, and especially misdirect in this thorough, playful seduction. Includes one very, very helpless cumshot.


Stockings – Syren Productions – Getting His Cuck-Uppance – Mistress Ayn

Syren Productions  Getting His CuckUppance   Mistress Ayn preview

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Mistress Ayn is preparing for a night out on the town with her bull when her slave/hubby has the audacity to walk in and ask her if she’s going out again tonight. She quickly informs him that indeed she is and that he should know his place is at home cleaning the house or sucking her cock. She leaves and returns with a monster strap-on and makes him get on his knees so that she can fuck his face, reminding him who wears the pants in this relationship. She tells him that she will be fucking a nice big cock just like the one she is jamming into his mouth tonight while he’s at home cleaning. Lastly, she puts him across her knee for an OTK spanking as she continues verbally ripping him a new one.


Stockings – Syren Productions – Cuban Heel Stocking Worship

Syren Productions  Cuban Heel Stocking Worship preview

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Mistress Ayn is wearing a pair of gorgeous Cuban heel stockings along with her high heel shoes. She commands her slave to slowly worship her stocking from top to bottom, starting with the heelOf her shoes and going al the way up her beautiful legs. Ayn also lets the lucky slave worship her assAt the end of the clip. Very sexy clip for lovers of sexy stockings.


Masturbation Instruction – Goddess Cheyenne – Body Rocking BodyStocking

Goddess Cheyenne  Body Rocking BodyStocking preview

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Happy New Year 2016 Customer Appreciation Clip ! and you are welcome !What I thought was an opaque bodystocking went completely transparent in the studio lights giving an entirely new meaning to Tease & Denial !!! My slave is bound and immobilized in My Strict Leather arm & leg splints that are tied together making the bondage even more intense. he couldn’t touch his cock at all as I tormented and teased him over and over. Hard then soft , hard then soft, until he is bucking squirming, squealing, whimpering and begging to cum! My bodystocking is yards of fabric that leave absolutely nothing to the imagination! Buy the Clip for the Uncensored view!Do not touch your cock through the first clip ! you must suffer and squirm just like the boy underneath Me. Wait for My instructions in the free POV I have added where you get the same view that he does as I straddle the slave cam and you see the view from below ! I will tell you when to stroke for Me , and I will tell you when to cum.This