Rubber Fetish – QUEENS OF KINK – Worship My Holy Boots – Sister Sin – Confession 1

 QUEENS OF KINK  Worship My Holy Boots  Sister Sin  Confession 1  preview

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Sister Sin is back! And the Bishop is in for a surprise. I have nothing to confess, I know I am kinky but it is about time this guy realises I am the one in charge. I confront him with his perverted side. I know how horny he gets from watching my sexy boots. I know that deepdown he is just aching to crawl underneath my HOLY BOOTS and forget about his religion. He is only there to serve me, to lick my black BOOTS and to submit.


Gagged Men – Mistress Nikita FemDom Videos – Obey Nikita – Cum Funnel

Mistress Nikita FemDom Videos  Obey Nikita  Cum Funnel  preview

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It feels so good to get smothered in lubed up latex to play with my boi-toy chained to my rubber bed. A few hours left to inhale the scent of its fully enclosed latex bondage hood ensures that it’s hard horny and ready for me to use. I just love the funnel attachment — slave mouth held open so it has no choice but to swallow whatever I put down its drain hole. Look at how hard “my” cock gets when I spit in my human sink! Perfect to milk so I can feed it gobs of its own cum. A shame to let it go to waste, after all. It has to eat sometime!


Anal – Cybill Troy FemDom Anti-Sex League – Sodomized Rubber Fuck-Toy – Queen Scarlet

 Cybill Troy FemDom AntiSex League  Sodomized Rubber FuckToy   Queen Scarlet  preview

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Cybill Troy has dreamed up an evil torment of frustration, torment and humiliation for her squirming black bagged gimp. With Queen Scarlet on hand to aid in her evil plan, Cybill Troy explains to the gimp that it is his lucky day. He is ordered to get his cock super hard, so that the two Mistresses can play with it. He might even be allowed the extreme privilege of cumming at his Mistresses hands.
What should be every man or gimps dream, is however, about to become this gimps nightmare. Being utterly terrified of his Mistress and also so broken by repeated earlier training, means that when presented with this golden opportunity, the gimps brain goes into melt down (along with the gimps cock).
With Miss Troys slippery gloved hands all over its cock, the gimps brain meltdown is increased by Queen Scarlet smothering her ass on its face. The two stunning Mistresses take it in turns to smother the breath out of their bagged toy, until they decide its time to turn things up another notch.
Cybill Troy explains that as the order to provide a hard cock is evidently impossible for the gimp to achieve, she and Queen Scarlet will provide the hard cocks from this point onwards.
Cybill Troy opens her gimp up with her hands and verbally torments him before folding him over and plowing her strap on into the gimps butt. As she repeatedly rams her big red cock into the gimp, Queen Scarlet muffles most of the cries of gimp-pain that are made.
After satisfying her need for destroying her gimps ass, Miss Troy relaxes with a smoke while Queen Scarlet takes over the lesson of what hard cock really means. They flip the gimp over so Miss Troy can get an entertaining view of her toys face while it is pummelled by Queens Scarlets cock.
While being fucked hard by Queen Scarlet, the gimp is tormented with one more chance at pleasure from the touch of Cybill Troys hand on its cock….. Posing the impossible question: will the gimp finally get a chance to cry cum at the hands of his Mistress?


Latex – Cybill Troy FemDom Anti-Sex League – Bedtime for Gimps! (Rubber Ass Smothering & Extreme Anal Stretching) – Cybill Troy and Fetish Liza

 Cybill Troy FemDom AntiSex League  Bedtime for Gimps Rubber Ass Smothering  Extreme Anal Stretching   Cybill Troy and Fetish Liza preview

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Cybill Troy has decided that her beloved gimp should have an early night of sleep after a long day of extreme painal, an enforced early bedtime.
With the assistance of her visiting guest, Fetish Liza, Miss Troy is going to ensure that this early bedtime will leave the gimp fully subdued and unable disturb anyone.
Having already secured her gimp in tight rubber mummification, Miss Troy begins the process that will ensure full compliance and also cause some vivid dreams (nightmares?) as well.
Before tucking him in for the night, Cybill Troy wants to stretch out her gimp to keep it ready for her future use.
The two Mistresses install a huge inflatable butt plug in the gimp, followed by heavy dosing, breath control under their latex gloved hands and most effective of all at rendering utter surrender, extreme smothering under Miss Troys impeccable ass.
With their shiny bed occupant confused, short of breath and at their mercy, Miss Troy and Miss Liza set about violating the gimp with other large implements, all the while Miss Troy maintains the dosing and exquisite airtight ass smothering.
When Miss Troy is sure that her gimp is absolutely useless and unable any protest, she and Miss Liza set about making the gimp into their shared hand puppet. Holding hands deep inside of him, they push farther and farther, leaving their pet broken and exhausted.
Cybill Troy will ensure that her gimp will be tucked up and also fucked up before being put down for the night, tucked in and immobilized with a rubber sheet and his dosing mask on his face


Sperm – Mistress Susi s Fetish Clips – Ruined orgasm by the Rubber Mistress

Mistress Susi s Fetish Clips  Ruined orgasm by the Rubber Mistress  preview

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Balls tied and his legs bound up with ankle cuffs onto the fixation bar, the slave is being teased by the sexy Mistress Susi in black Rubber.
This lucky slave is getting to feel her nice rubbery ass on his body and face, her hands in Rubber gloves are milking his rockhard cock until he is cumming, but the lady knows very well when to stop to ruin his orgasm.


Cumshots – Fetish Liza Clips – Latex Catsuit Thighjob

 Fetish Liza Clips  Latex Catsuit Thighjob  preview

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I love teasing my horny LATEX SLAVE with my tight rubberclad body and booty. He is so HARD right now! I want him to show me just how much he adores me and my shiny outfit by making him FUCK my THIGHS like a in heat. The feeling of his erection between my THIGHS is so sexy! Especially when he is about to CUM and I can feel his warm SPUNK dripping down my legs.


Ball Abuse – Syren Productions – Cruel Sadistic Cock Whipping

Syren Productions  Cruel Sadistic Cock Whipping preview

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Mistrix and Mistress Michelle Lacy are in a mood to beat some “man meat” Bart can’t help but get an erection around such sexy Goddesses, but much to his demise, this just gives the Ladies a bigger target to punish. They viciously whip Bart’s cock and balls with thin willow switches that sting like hell. Bart struggles to get away from the ruthless cock whipping, but these two sadists just hold him down and beat him harder. The more Bart screams and cries, the harder they seem to hit him, until his cock is red as a fire engine.


Domina – Strap-on Bitch – Fetish Narzisse – Fucked From The Rubber Mistress

Strapon Bitch  Fetish Narzisse  Fucked From The Rubber Mistress preview

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A slave in heaven !!! To be fucked by a young sexy and very kinky mistress in a hot latex catsuit. Tight rubber, like a second skin and she like to fuck men with a strap-on. tied up on a bench he will fell her rubber cock in his asshole. She is one of the ladies with not so much experience in anal fucking, so she is very happy to try out how is the feeling to fuck men as domina