Female Domination – Goddess Antonella Clip Store – Slapping face, huge black strapon, blowjob, deep anal

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Silicone Goddess Antonella is slapping her slave’s face repeatedly… the fucking slut begs for more, it looks like he’s enjoying it.
Mistress puts on her monster black strap-on and compares it with the little pathetic thing called dick by her slave. She decides she is the one with a dick to use so she calls her sissy bitch for a blowjob… at first. She pushes her loooong dick into his throat, gagging him.
Then Mistress asks her slut to turn around and spread his buttocks apart then she shoved some fingers inside him to get him ready to take the big dick inside him. Then she begins fucking his ass, deeper and deeper, as hard as she wanted… wow… her slut can take a lot of the big black dick… he had such a big asshole!
Mistress finishes fucking him, then her slut thanks for his Mistress.


Sissy Training – Club Stiletto FemDom – Bimbo Doll Transformation – Miss Jasmine and Miss XI

 Club Stiletto FemDom  Bimbo Doll Transformation   Miss Jasmine and Miss XI  preview

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Miss Jasmine and Miss XI have a client in their sissy room. They explain how he has come in for a consultation because he has a strong need to be a life-sized sissy slut doll. “I love dolls” XI says “as you can do whatever you like to them and they never speak back.” The ladies have the sissy stand up and spin for them before they teach her to cross his legs like a real lady. They tell her to apply lipstick so they can see how ‘she’ does. Totally pathetic, the ladies apply lipstick and some eye shadow but notice that the bimbo hasn’t shaved. “She has the same thing in her head as a Barbie doll” Jasmine says… “nothing.”
They decide that the best option for this slave is ‘plastic surgery’. As the scene rolls over, Jasmine enters the room to be told by XI that the surgery worked exceptionally well. We see that the sissy now has full lips, silky smooth skin, and a nice head of thick blond hair. Now it’s time for the sissy to service the ladies’ cocks. XI and Jasmine tell the sissy she will be trained to service multiple cocks at once and even put in a bukkake scene. Watch while the sissy is subjected to their strapons and told what her future will be like. This slut has a lot of work to do before she’ll be pimped out. Even then it will be volume over quality so as to make some decent money from this slut and she should expect to be busy in glory holes and at truck stops from morning till night.


Sissy Training – Humiliation POV – You’re Just A Lowly Cuckold Cum Eating Sissy Fluffer For My Sissy – Lady Fyre

 Humiliation POV  Youre Just A Lowly Cuckold Cum Eating Sissy Fluffer For My Sissy   Lady Fyre preview

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I have a surprise for you today, sissy. This is a training exercise. I have a hot, muscular, well hung stud. And you’re going to watch as he fucks one of my other sissies, one of my primary sissies. You are not quite there yet. Do you enjoy watching my sissy getting fucked? Are you jealous you’re not the one being fucked? You haven’t earned it yet.
My sissy loves being used like the sissy slut that she is. I know you want to take her place. You long to be my sissy. But for now you just have to watch and see how it’s done. I want you growing more and more desperate to take her place. She’s such a good little whore and that’s what you’re striving for.
For now you’re just a fluffer for my sissy. How pathetic is that? You’re just a new recruit, earning your place on your knees. You need to watch and learn. You don’t deserve it in the ass yet. Now watch as he cums in my sissy’s ass. Do you see how much she makes him cum?
Your job today is to clean up that cream pie from my sissy’s ass. Yes, you’re so fucking low that you get to lick out cum from my sissy’s ass. You’re nothing but a fluffer and a cum cleaning sissy. This is how you will begin to earn your place as one of my sissies. You’re going to eat every drop of that stud’s cum out of another sissy’s pretty little ass. And if you do a good job then maybe you’ll be the one getting fucked in the ass next time. Keep licking sissy.


Spanked – Club Stiletto FemDom – Every Maid Needs A Break From Her Cleaning Duties – Mistress Kandy

 Club Stiletto FemDom  Every Maid Needs A Break From Her Cleaning Duties   Mistress Kandy  preview

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Sissy Nikki has not only been trained to suck cocks but to do domestic chores as well. Mistress Kandy needs a clean house but after leaving her slave alone for a few hours Kandy gets restless and wants to inflict some pain on her dirty little cum slut. As Nikki is dusting Kandy gets up and gives her a swat with her crop and then her paddle. Kandy pulls the sissy’s panties down around her knees and flogs her while she continues to dust.
Eventually Kandy tells Nikki to crawl over to the couch and kneel on the floor. She then starts to abuse her ass switching from the crop to her paddle. Soon nikki’s fat ass is starting to get rather red and bruised. Kandy reminds her that working for her is the most important thing she does. “More important than your family, or your friends.” She tells her suggesting that in fact she really doesn’t need friends at all. “All you need is me.” She says. Now Kandy starts to flog with much more effort and reminds Nikki that she will still be spending most of her time servicing men, giving them blow jobs and rim jobs. “Men will pay more to have their asses licked.” She tells Nikki, “So you should be offering to suck their cocks and eat their asses too.” After more flogging Nikki’s ass, Kandy has the sissy turn to the camera and pull up her dress to show off her chastity device. “Isn’t that pretty, it never comes off.” Kandy says as the sissy drips cum from her clitty. “My slave for life.” Kandy says with a grin.


Sissy Training – Club Stiletto FemDom – Tasty Balls And Hot Cum For Sissy – Mistress Kandy

 Club Stiletto FemDom  Tasty Balls And Hot Cum For Sissy   Mistress Kandy  preview

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Kandy has invited her friend Roger over for a special surprise and that surprise is a blow job from her new sissy Nikki. Kandy leads in her former gardener, who recently considered himself a stud and tried to come on to her, on a collar and leash. Kandy used a secret potion to convince the gardener that he really wants to be a slutty girl who longs for nothing but cocks in her mouth and ass. Roger comments that the sissy is coming along nicely and wonders how she will do sucking him. First Kandy tells Nikki to nudge his cock through his shorts and to sniff his manliness. Nikki eagerly removes Rogers shorts when ordered to do so and Kandy has ‘her’ tell them how badly she wants to suck cock.
The two tops laugh that Nikki is in chastity and once the cocksucker has got Roger hard by sucking she starts to use her hand to stroke him as well. “Cup his balls and feel his juice that is going to be going down your throat” Kandy says. Nikki is clearly in love with this cock and does everything to prove that she is a talented and committed cock sucker. Kandy reminds Nikki that her all her nutrition is now coming from cum as she knows this will insure the sissy wants more, more, more cocks every day. As it’s her first blowjob of the day Nikki is hungry for her first meal. Now Roger stands up and strokes his cock while Nikki opens her mouth to get her cream. Nikki licks his balls while he strokes until he can’t hold off anymore and blows a huge load across nikkis face and into her mouth. Roger uses his cock to guide the cum from nikkis face into her mouth. Nikki licks up and down Rogers cock until it is squeaky clean. “Oh my, the next stud will be here in two minutes” she tells her nasty little slut. Another busy day ahead for our little cocksucker!


Sissy Sluts – Goddess Alexandra Snow – Spread and Fucked

Goddess Alexandra Snow  Spread and Fucked  preview

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Mistress Ezada Sinn and I are at it again! This sissy slut is about to get fucked by two beautiful Goddesses. He’s such a little girl though; his little clitty can’t even get hard! It doesn’t really matter. We’re going to teach this slave how to be a proper slut. He’s going to learn how to moan and beg for every inch of our hard black dicks. This is his life now. Since he can’t be a man, he’s going to be a little cum slut for our benefit in the future.


Barbifuckdoll – Mistress Nikita FemDom Videos – Obey Nikita – Barbi Gets Some Candi Part 2

Mistress Nikita FemDom Videos  Obey Nikita  Barbi Gets Some Candi Part 2  preview

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My Barbi doll loves to suck on hard candy, and Candi is getting so hard all locked up in that pink plastic prison. Candi can hardly stand it when I allow Barbi to lick that swollen clitty through the tiny bars making it press even harder inside the small cage. Watching Barbi give a blow-job is one of my favorite things to do so she gets to unlock that lollipop and suck on it until she reaches the warm creamy center. Most of it spurts all over her pretty face, of course!


Fetish – House of Sinn – Only I have what the slut wants – Mistress Clarissa

 House of Sinn  Only I have what the slut wants   Mistress Clarissa  preview

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Slutty maid Cherry always wants cock but he’s not allowed to indulge very often. As you all know, Mistress Clarissa owns his slutty mouth and ass and tonight, She wants to make love to Her slutty maid so Her nasty strapon will be sucked and fucked quite vigorously. There is no easing him into the fucking, She just fucks into his hole and the bitch is so eager that he wriggles and moans, thanking his Mistress as the rubber dick brings so much pleasure and just the right amount of pain… This love making is instinctual, eager and fun, bringing great pleasure to the mean Mistress because She is the only one who has what the slut wants…