Femdom – Asian Cruelty – THRASHED FOR HIS IMPERTINENCE – Empress Jazmin Wu

 Asian Cruelty  THRASHED FOR HIS IMPERTINENCE   Empress Jazmin Wu  preview

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This is the follow up to Empress Jazmin Wu’s extremely popular Slave Punishment clip “Feel The Wrath Of Empress Wu”. Enjoy!
With my slave helplessly bound to my steel bondage frame, I can and will do pretty much anything I wish with him. And what I wish to do, is make him suffer for his impertinence. An attitude adjustment is long overdue for this unruly slave, and so a good thrashing is in order with one of my most lethal whips, which I fondly refer to as The Twisted Thrasher.
This unique whip combines both leather and rubber tails, twisted and bound into one very painful instrument of torment. Each strike is like a thousand needles cutting into the flesh, and with every strike, the twisting motion serves to lacerate the soft flesh further. In mere seconds, his back is ravaged with welts, cuts and bruises, while he helplessly screams for mercy. But my twisted thrasher whip shows no mercy!
After having shredded his back, I turn my attention to his fully exposed cock and balls. It is here, that I demonstrate my pure and absolute power over my male subjects. Over and over, I relentlessly thrash his family jewels, until they are one enormous mass of welted and bruised flesh.
Oh how I do love the sound of my whip as it slams into the flesh of my slave’s private parts. Perhaps second only to the sound of his guttural screams, trapped deep in the back of his throat.



 Asian Cruelty  THE DIVINE PRIVILEGE OF EXQUISITE SUFFERING   Goddess Luna Li  preview

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If you have been accepted into my world, you are among the chosen few that will truly live the life you so desperately crave. That of a slave. Working and serving to please me, and only me. All day, every day. For the rest of your life.
Among the duties expected of you, is to surrender your mind, body and soul to my sadistic nature. For it is a supreme privilege to lie helpless beneath me and feel the eternal sting of my whip. Strike after excruciating strike, I can beat the very soul out of a man, until I hear it leaving his lips in a deep, guttural gasp. It is his tribute to me. A sign of appreciation. His life is complete receiving the divine privilege of my exquisite pain.
The pain that I can bring upon my slave’s flesh can be overwhelming. Some may shy away from the challenge of submitting themselves to such extreme sufferance, but those brave enough to surrender will benefit tremendously. This is because the greater the suffering, the greater the ecstasy of your release. Your release of power…of your selfhood…of your boundaries. When you can let go of these things and give yourself to me, I will show you true elation.
You wonder where I will strike next, as the sound of my sharp heels circle you in my dungeon. My whip strikes are excruciating and relentless, but you live for the moment when I look deep into your eyes and make you smell your own burning flesh off the leather of my whip.


Female Supremacy – Asian Cruelty – HANGING IN THE BALANCE – Goddess Luna Li

 Asian Cruelty  HANGING IN THE BALANCE   Goddess Luna Li  preview

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I have my pet in quite the precarious position today. Naked, blindfolded, and helpless in my floating, rotating slave cage. Hovering in mid air, I can spin him around and around as I choose. The fact that he is blindfolded only adds to his sense of confusion and vertigo. He is at my mercy as I stalk my prey from all angles, never knowing from which direction I will strike. It’s such a delicious game of cat and mouse.
I look magnificent in my patent leather ensemble of tight leggings, corset and elbow length gloves. And he, a leather fetishist, or perhaps better said, a leather addict, as I have fed his fetish needs for years on end. He simply cannot live without it. Not that it will do him any good in this particular case, as his blindfold prohibits him from taking in my leather clad exaltedness.
My harshest leather paddle cracks his ass cheeks with cruel intentions and a thunderous clap, as he spins helplessly in circles. With each turn, I strike his ass again and again, as he squeals out in agony. The fact that he can’t see it coming, only serves to intensify the impact. I offer him a brief reprieve, but only to slap his face, kick his nuts, and spit in his mouth.
And just when he thinks his torment has concluded, I surprise him with a thick leather slapper painstakingly designed to bite the skin with the venom of a rattle snake. Blow after agonizing blow, I pound his flesh until he is begging for mercy. But mercy is a far cry from what he can expect this evening. But crying is a good start, so go ahead slave. Cry for me, while I spin you like a top.


Extreme Domination – DomNation – THE WORST IS STILL TO COME – Goddess Tangent

 DomNation  THE WORST IS STILL TO COME   Goddess Tangent  preview

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Goddess Tangent may have led her helpless slave to believe that shredding his back with her lethal bullwhips was his worst and last punishment of the day. She lied. It gets worse. Much worse.
In part 2, Tangent continues to use her lethal bullwhips on her helpless slave’s back, ripping and tearing his baby soft flesh until the claret is flowing freely. And just when slave boi thinks the worst is over, Tangent flips him around and turns the focus of her painful whips on his cock and balls. She does, after all, want a matching set, front to back.
With the precision of a surgeon, Goddess Tangent hits her mark again and again, as her pain pet screams with every blow. His cock and balls are swelling quickly, but not in a good way. Effortlessly, Tangent transforms his testicles into a bruised and blooody mess. Will the torment ever end? Only Goddess Tangent knows if the worst is still to come.


Whipping – DomNation – AT HER MERCY – Mistress Synful Pleasure

 DomNation  AT HER MERCY   Mistress Synful Pleasure  preview

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With her slave naked and helplessly bound to a steel suspension frame, Mistress Synful Pleasure has carte blanche to do whatever she chooses to him. Today, she is going to introduce her pet to her more sadistic side.
First, she adds a couple of extremely painful clamps to his balls to stretch out his scrotal sack and make them completely exposed and vulnerable for what will come later in the scene. She then reaches for a kangaroo leather quirt and proceeds to lash his back, ass and thighs with her razor sharp whip. Strike after agonizing strike, she is relentless as she tears at his flesh, leaving him bruised and welted in mere seconds.
Synful then turns her attention to her slaves stretched out scrotum, whipping his cock and balls from behind, until he is begging for mercy. But Mistress is not feeling merciful tonight, and so she continues to whip his balls relentlessly…over and over…again and again.
Clad from head to toe in seductive skin tight black leather, Mistress Synful Pleasure is a sight to behold as she torments her helpless pet.


Female Domination – DomNation – A SHOCKING REVELATION – Mistress Synful Pleasure

 DomNation  A SHOCKING REVELATION   Mistress Synful Pleasure  preview

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Mistress Synful Pleasure has her helpless pet bound into a leather suspension sling, which just so happens to be hanging inside of a massive, locked, 8′ steel cage. So suffice to say, this slave has nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.
From outside of the cage, Mistress first torments him with a long single tail whip, primarily directing the attention of her painful whip to her pet’s genitals. Hanging in the sling, with his legs spread wide apart, his cock and balls are an easy target for her venemous whip, and she takes full advantage.
Next she introduces her slave to a 50,000 volt, crowd control style electro stun baton. The look of horror on her slave’s face is priceless, as she waves the baton closer and closer to her victim. He screams, he begs, he pleads, but nothing is going to deter Mistress Synful Pleasure from breaking this pet both physically and mentally.


Slave Punishment – DomNation – MY WHIP IS INESCAPABLE! Starring Stella Liberty

 DomNation  MY WHIP IS INESCAPABLE Starring Stella Liberty  preview

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This unfortunate slave is about to receive a severe beating for his less than adequate service to his owner, Stella Liberty. For this task, Stella selects one of her most severe leather whips. And to make his demise inescapable, Stella encases her minion from head to toe to in industrial strength cling wrap.
The plastic see thru wrapping may appear less than intimidating, but we assure you after several layers have been applied around his arms, legs and torso, he is completely trapped and immobilized. Unable to move a muscle. All he can do is stand there and accept his fate.
And so, Mistress relentlessly strikes every inch of his wrapped body from head to toe. You don’t see the whip marks beneath the cling wrap, but her pain pet feels each and every blow as the whip bites at his flesh again and again.
Mistress uses her fingernails to remove a small portion of the wrap exposing his fragile nipples, so she can inflict more pain than he can possibly endure. Her whip finds it’s mark over and over again, turning his man boobs a bright shade of red. He begs for a areprieve, but Mistress simply ignores his pleas and continues her assault until he is broken and ready to serve to Goddess’ liking.


Spanking – DomNation – BEG ME TO TORMENT YOUR NIPPLES! Starring Janira Wolfe

 DomNation  BEG ME TO TORMENT YOUR NIPPLES Starring Janira Wolfe  preview

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In this video, Janira Wolfe’s rebellious slave is reluctant to surrender his nipples to Goddess Wolfe’s razor sharp fingernails. His hands may be bound tightly overhead, but his instinct to escape sees him hopping around uncontrollably, which in turn fuels Janira’s sadistic nature all the more.
So Janira plays an evil game of cat and mouse with her over reactive prisoner, and makes him BEG for her to torment his nipples. The look of terror on his face is priceless, as he gives in to her demands and begs her to do so, while Janira waves her long, dagger like nails in front of his face.
Still he continues to flop around like a fish out of water, each time Goddess grabs his nipples in an attempt to avoid her painful grip. That is until she gives him a severe ass beating to calm his ass (and nipples) down.


Female Domination – DomNation – YOU WILL COME TO LOVE MY CRUELTY – Mistress Synful Pleasure

 DomNation  YOU WILL COME TO LOVE MY CRUELTY   Mistress Synful Pleasure  preview

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Mistress Synful Pleasure believes in the value of a good old fashioned thrashing, delivered in the most heartless manner imaginable. She wants her slave to decide once and for all, total submission at her hand…or banishment forever. She beats him with this intention, holding nothing back. Her work has only started when her slave reaches his breaking point.
She continues to sadistically beat down her slave, laughing as he tries to avoid each strike. Naturally she only beats his ass harder for this. Broken down and worn out, her pain pet begs her for more and Mistress is so proud of him for making the right choice. But she will continue on with the beating until she is satisfied that he has suffered enough. Beaten down, but still willing to be thrashed another day. Perfect. As it should be.


Discipline Whipping – DomNation – A VICIOUS AND MERCILESS PUNISHMENT CANING – Goddess Tangent

 DomNation  A VICIOUS AND MERCILESS PUNISHMENT CANING   Goddess Tangent  preview

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Goddess Tangent has numerous instruments of agony in cue for her slave’s demise. Several rattan canes in all their most severe incarnations.
One by one, Goddess Tangent administers her many canes to put her helpless minion through a gauntlet of extreme physical and psychological torment. Each strike will leave marks that will decorate his flesh canvas for weeks. But the impact on his psyche, will truly last a lifetime. His piercing screams only serve to further fuel Goddess Tangent’s sadistic fire. Her sadistic laughter easily out his pleas for mercy.
Once she has concluded tenderizing his body with her merciless canes, it is time for Tangent to reveal the final instrument of destruction. A 4 foot, leather braided bull whip shall be the final nail in this pet’s coffin!