High Heels – Cybill Troy FemDom Anti-Sex League – Meet Her Cane (Suffer for Mistress PART 2) – Mistress Luzia

Cybill Troy FemDom AntiSex League  Meet Her Cane Suffer for Mistress PART 2   Mistress Luzia  preview

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The slave’s day of suffering to prove his devotion for his mistress continues with a cold, judicial caning. Mistress Luzia Lowe sees no need for a warm-up, she simple bends her bitch over and delivers agonizing stroke after agonizing stroke to his ass with no chance of mercy.


Corporal Punishment – Asian Cruelty – THE LITTLE COCK BEATING GOES ON – Mistress Mara Julianne

Asian Cruelty  THE LITTLE COCK BEATING GOES ON   Mistress Mara Julianne  preview

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Lets continue welcoming another phenomenal addition to the Asian Cruelty line of Sadists. Please Welcome Mistress MaraJulianne, She refers to herself as a Sensual Sadist however we will most likely capitalize fully on her more sadistic qualities, because that’s just how we roll around here! Mara is an aspiring Los Angeles Ca. based Goddess whom we hope to be seeing much more of in the future. We hope that you enjoy this new addition as much as we do!” Keep looking out for her because she just gets more Sadistic!”
Anyone wishing to obtain more information regarding Goddess Mara: Mistress-Mara.blogspot.com..
I have my slave quite well secured. Even his genitals are tightly bound, He is rather helpless and his movements painfully hindered. So of course I will do everything within my power to make him squirm..
I take great satisfaction in harshly beating his little penis, his movements only tighten his bindings and increase his pain. I move around his entire body thrashing him violently and tugging at his tethered phallus, I have every intention of making him pay for being a man, and am doing a Bang up Job so far..


Nipple – Asian Cruelty – CAGED IN FEAR, YOUR TERROR IS FOREVER! Starring Goddess Lana

Asian Cruelty  CAGED IN FEAR YOUR TERROR IS FOREVER Starring Goddess Lana  preview

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Sometimes it’s just fun to torment a slave. Slaves who are timid and fearful can be the most fun at times! Especially when you add claustrophobic to the mix! I have a plan for my fearful little mouse of a slave he’s anything but a painslut, yet he is going to end up in a painful little trap.
I have my slave trapped in a suspended chain cage, blindfolded, he can sense the isolation and the swaying of the cage. He knows that he is not on solid ground and doesn’t trust his footing. His hands restrained tightly above him, offering him neither stability or defense.
I cant resist his delicate nipples, they are so sensitive! The slightest pinch or twist push him over the edge. His terror is so evident. I can hear it in his breathing and smell it. The aroma of his sheer dread is euphoric to me. I must push him further. Teach him of pain and agony, I pull and twist at his nipples, he is my prey and he struggles as though for his life but he stands no chance and his very need to flee only brings about more pain.
My paddles are ready and waiting to brutalize his pale flesh. I shall redden and bruise him before I finish. He will leave this room never wanting to return here. Yet this room is now a part of this slave’s life and routine. There will never be reprieve for him and his life is now nothing more than a constant state of fear!


Skirts – Mistress Aleana’s Queendom – Harshly Whipped Boy Blonde Fur Goddess

Mistress Aleanas Queendom  Harshly Whipped Boy Blonde Fur Goddess  preview

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It’s such a beautiful cool day outside, that I decide to take my slave outside for a good whipping. I am certainly cozy in my full length fur coat, too bad my slave is only allowed to wear a cod piece. I don’t feel like giving him much of a warmup, so I lay in with hard strikes right from the beginning. I strut around on the balcony whipping the hell out of my slave. After a while I become hot from whipping and so I take off the fur coat revealing my sexy short skirt and blouse as I continue the thrashing.


Humiliation – THE MEAN GIRLS – Princess Chanel Is Hot And So Is The Ground

 THE MEAN GIRLS  Princess Chanel Is Hot And So Is The Ground  preview

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America has become a female-dominated society and all men when they reach the age of 18, will automatically have their identity card revoked and become slaves to women. Women, on the other hand will automatically become slave owners and be entitled to numerous privileges, one of which is to train, torment, and humiliate new male slaves at specific dedicated training centers such as the Mean Girl Desert Compound.
Princess Chanel is one of these trainers. And a slave has been sent to the Mean Girl Compound for additional training. Unfortunately, he could not tolerate life under this new regime and actually tried to escape!! Needless to say, he got caught and is now sent back to Princess Chanel for further harsh punishment. Princess Chanel is obviously very angry and has decided to punish her slave by physically exhausting him. (Since he has so much energy to try to escape…). Princess Chanel decides to make the slave leopard crawl (military style) around the hot deck, caning him along the way to make him crawl faster for her!
This is painful for the slave as the knees and elbows will be hurting from crawling from the burning hot deck in the blazing hot summer desert heat. Finally, Princess Chanel asks the slave if it wants a break and to have some ice cream? Of course the slave says yes! But Princess Chanel announces a twist. She has the ice cream on a plate with a string attached and pulls it around the deck, making the slave crawl after it and BEGGING for it- until it quickly melts in the hot sun before his eyes! The entire time, Chanel is continually to taunting the slave, saying how sad it is to be a “man” in America now.
At the end of the clip, Princess Chanel finally allows the slave to have its ice cream- and just as it is finally getting its opportunity to bow down at her feet to eat its melted ice cream like the broken slave that it is, Princess Chanel casually & quietly lifts her foot, placing it on the back of the slave’s head- and slams its fat, ugly face down into the ice cream, twisting her foot back & forth as if she is grinding into its little brain that this is how its life will be from now on…


Cum Swallowing – Subby Hubby – Teachers’ Pets Part 3 – Forced Bi – Helena Locke, Stella Liberty

 Subby Hubby  Teachers Pets Part 3  Forced Bi  Helena Locke Stella Liberty  preview

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Stella n Helena have their pets naked and collared. Stella’s small cocked slave is on his knees in front of Helena’s well-endowed slave. Stella informs her bitch that his job now is to be Helena’s cock sucking assistant. The completely humiliated bitch is forced to stroke the other slave’s big hard cock. Helena begins giving her pet a blowjob. Sucking and licking his huge shaft. Periodically she stops to spit all over Stella’s slave’s face. To make sure the bitch knows his place, they have Stella stroke the endowed slave’s cock until he cums all over the degraded bitch’s face and mouth. That is the role of a pathetic small cocked slave!


Slave Training – Worship The Wolfe – I Get Mine Before he Eats his

 Worship The Wolfe  I Get Mine Before he Eats his  preview

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As described in “The Pleasurable Pressure of your Tight Virgin hole” the only way I can get off during sex is if I’m the one doing the fucking. So, of course, I have lucky sex slaves who’s holes I stuff to get My orgasm. It’s imperative that My cock be a tight fit for the slave’s little man-pussy, so I’ve chosen a nice thick 10″ BBC, so that as I fuck My lucky strap-on bitch, his hole gives Me just enough pressure to stimulate My clit just right.
I enter the bedroom to find My slave lying face down, buns up, on My bed, just the way I like to start fucking. He squirms in pain as I enter his man-pussy, so I slap his ass and push harder, enjoying the intense pressure of the entry before I start thrusting harder and faster, first in the plain position, then moving up to doggy style, and into the eagle, where I get My orgasm.
Then, because My slave was so good at taking My cock and making Me cum, I allow him to cum as well… into his own mouth as I fuck him hard in the pile driver position!
I love making slaves eat their own cum… especially when I use them to cum first.
Buy the clip for the incredibly hot, sensually dominant strap-on scene, incorporating elements of slave training, orgasms, plain position, doggy style, eagle position, pile driver, clothed female naked male, and ending with cum in mouth/ cum eating instruction
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Femdom – Asian Cruelty – THRASHED FOR HIS IMPERTINENCE – Empress Jazmin Wu

 Asian Cruelty  THRASHED FOR HIS IMPERTINENCE   Empress Jazmin Wu  preview

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This is the follow up to Empress Jazmin Wu’s extremely popular Slave Punishment clip “Feel The Wrath Of Empress Wu”. Enjoy!
With my slave helplessly bound to my steel bondage frame, I can and will do pretty much anything I wish with him. And what I wish to do, is make him suffer for his impertinence. An attitude adjustment is long overdue for this unruly slave, and so a good thrashing is in order with one of my most lethal whips, which I fondly refer to as The Twisted Thrasher.
This unique whip combines both leather and rubber tails, twisted and bound into one very painful instrument of torment. Each strike is like a thousand needles cutting into the flesh, and with every strike, the twisting motion serves to lacerate the soft flesh further. In mere seconds, his back is ravaged with welts, cuts and bruises, while he helplessly screams for mercy. But my twisted thrasher whip shows no mercy!
After having shredded his back, I turn my attention to his fully exposed cock and balls. It is here, that I demonstrate my pure and absolute power over my male subjects. Over and over, I relentlessly thrash his family jewels, until they are one enormous mass of welted and bruised flesh.
Oh how I do love the sound of my whip as it slams into the flesh of my slave’s private parts. Perhaps second only to the sound of his guttural screams, trapped deep in the back of his throat.



 Asian Cruelty  THE DIVINE PRIVILEGE OF EXQUISITE SUFFERING   Goddess Luna Li  preview

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If you have been accepted into my world, you are among the chosen few that will truly live the life you so desperately crave. That of a slave. Working and serving to please me, and only me. All day, every day. For the rest of your life.
Among the duties expected of you, is to surrender your mind, body and soul to my sadistic nature. For it is a supreme privilege to lie helpless beneath me and feel the eternal sting of my whip. Strike after excruciating strike, I can beat the very soul out of a man, until I hear it leaving his lips in a deep, guttural gasp. It is his tribute to me. A sign of appreciation. His life is complete receiving the divine privilege of my exquisite pain.
The pain that I can bring upon my slave’s flesh can be overwhelming. Some may shy away from the challenge of submitting themselves to such extreme sufferance, but those brave enough to surrender will benefit tremendously. This is because the greater the suffering, the greater the ecstasy of your release. Your release of power…of your selfhood…of your boundaries. When you can let go of these things and give yourself to me, I will show you true elation.
You wonder where I will strike next, as the sound of my sharp heels circle you in my dungeon. My whip strikes are excruciating and relentless, but you live for the moment when I look deep into your eyes and make you smell your own burning flesh off the leather of my whip.