Female Domination – Goddess Alexandra Snow – Spanking Essentials

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I do love me some spanking time. I love to watch my slaves get red in the ass as I use the paddle over and over again. My slave today isn’t as fond as pain as I am. He’ll have to suffer through my ministrations with the paddle and learn to be my pain slut. His reactions feed me. His little whimpers of pain as the paddle meets flesh satisfies something deep inside me. Today is his first lesson in a series of lessons about how to become my perfect little pain slut.
We’re going to start off slow and see where his tolerance goes.


Boot – Femme Fatale Films – The Confession – Part 2 – Mistress Vixen

Femme Fatale Films  The Confession  Part 2   Mistress Vixen  preview

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The prisoner still refuses to confess. There’s nothing for it but more severe treatment from Mistress Vixen. She kicks him into submission, tramples him in her sharp stiletto thigh boots, making sure to dig and grind her heels into his flesh and then pisses over him and in his mouth. Degradation and brutality is the name of Mistress Vixen’s game and there’s no one better at it!


Cum Eating – Club Stiletto FemDom – Hubby, Have You Ever Heard Of The Word Bukkake – Lady Lennox

 Club Stiletto FemDom  Hubby Have You Ever Heard Of The Word Bukkake   Lady Lennox  preview

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Lady Lennox finally has the perfect life. She has turned her micro-dicked husband into her cuckold and sissy and can now openly fuck hubby’s best friend, with no need to cover it up. As the scene opens, Lennox descends the stairs while cum runs down her thigh and her sissy busily dusts. “My stud is soooo good” she purrs as she sits down onto the couch and calls her slut over. The camera catches Lennox’s gorgeous plump ass during this moment at which point she asks ‘goldy’ if he heard her making love with her man. The sissy whimpers “yes”, both humiliated and aroused by his new lot in life. “Guess what? He left you a little gift” she says to him as she points to her cum-covered thigh. She instructs goldy to get on her knees to lick it up and find out what a real man tastes like. Poor goldy! She grimaces and says it’s gross but dutifully licks it all up. “Through your program you will learn to love it” she tells him, adding that she wonders how many men she can get him to service in a day. When goldy continues to struggle, Lennox says, “This is your best friend’s cum. You should be enjoying every drop of it; he left it just for you.”
Lennox tells hubby that her boyfriend was not happy with the blow job, and as a result, goldy will be spanked. “My man will probably start disciplining you, too” she adds. Soon we find goldy over Lennox’s lap with her skirt pulled up to reveal her lily-white ass. Lennox crops and spanks him. “When men come over here for you to service, I want them to see the marks on your butt.” She says she’ll offer free blow jobs to begin with, just so he can get some practice. She tells him that she wants a list of all his friends so she can contact them to be sucked, then laughs, saying “I might even have your brother come over.” Poor goldy is mortified but Lennox says that eventually his entire family will have to know that he is now a sissy, and they’ll also have to know that he not only serves her but her new boyfriend, too. “Everyone will line up at family dinners and will have the option of spanking you or fucking you” she continues. Soon goldy’s ass is as pink as her dress and Lennox asks if he has ever heard of the word ‘bukkake’. When goldy replies “no”, Lennox says that soon she will be bathing in cum. “The sweet semen of so many men; that’s what you need.” Lennox says she has noticed that goldy has been getting little erections lately and it’s evident that this is the life she has always longed for. Goldy no longer has to try to be the man of the house; he’s now nothing but domestic help and a cum-hungry slut. This is a great clip for anyone with dreams of living their life as a 24/7 cuckold and sissy.


K2s.cc – FEMDOM-POV-CLIPS – Spanked Hard By The Teacheress – Lady Mystique

FEMDOMPOVCLIPS  Spanked Hard By The Teacheress   Lady Mystique  preview

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for the last weekend of this month we have again a wonderful actionclip containing a classic role play femdom clip with a strict teacheress and a lousy schoolboy. and we have here newest lady mistress cloe again! and in this role she is absolutely SUPERSTUNNING! her sharp voice is supergood fitting to this theme and even her lecturing and her voice is so hot that any bad boy will behave… well.. we have here bad boy hans who is ordered to appear to the headmistress. she heard that this basterd keep looking under the skirts of female students. THIS is absolutely not tolerable and has to be punished severely – and when we say severe we mean severe! lady cloe teaches this poor boy a lesson he wont forget so soon. she spanks him with bare hands, a flip flop and a heavy wooden brush. she hits him so hard with the shoe, that she even damages it. of course this leads to extra hard swats with the brush… in the end the backside of the boy is sore all over and he wont sit down very comfortable for a few days for sure!!! superhot femdom spanking clip! german language! clip duration: 07.32 mins.


Femdom Videos – FEMDOM-POV-CLIPS – Matriarchiat – The Caning

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did you think, we are already through with sensations in september? noooooooo…for sure not… cuz the next sensation is that our very popular and incredible mistress NEMESIS asked us a while ago that she wants to go into more action… well.. and she wanted to do it with her friend and another very popular mistress here: cassandra (or stella as named in her personal store…)! holy sh…of course we aggreed and will start today with this supercool cooperation… and it starts with a supercool scenario…. its year 2100 now…in the future..after stupid men get human mankind near to end with the 3rd big war (partially nuclear) in 2060 that were the last decisions men made, cuz after it woman get the might all over the planet…starting on governements in those areas were mankind can live and it was getting through the whole society… so we are here now…in the new matriarchiat, where woman rule and men are always slaves and just workers and nothing else… woman own men now… but still some men are not brave to their owners… if that occurs they will be accused by the military police… and this is happening in this clip…our victim gets into the room where judge nemesis reads the accusment and asks the man, if he gives in and aggree to the accusment. as he does not, he gets a taste of what will happen if men does not follow orders and doesnt aggree to anything woman say… corporal punishment…which will be applied by officer cassandra. he will recieve lots of VERY HARD cane strokes while judge nemesis watches. both ladies amusing themselves and how the creature suffers under the strokes… after the punishment he will be locked away and can think about the accusment and if he wants to give in… (to be continued….). this is class a femdom at its finest!!! german language! clip duration: 07.44 mins !