Brat Girl – Nessie the Bully Girl – Ass Investment: Smothering Brother For All His Credit Cards

Nessie the Bully Girl  Ass Investment Smothering Brother For All His Credit Cards  preview

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This clip includes: Taboo, Facesitting, Smothering, Reverse Facesit, Upskirt, Thong, Little Sister Tempts Brother with her Ass, Bratty, FinDom, Wallet Drain, Femdom, Powerful Woman, Big Butt, Bare Feet, Barefoot, KO, Nessie Squeeze (aka Ludella Hahn), Jason Ninja, NO NUDITY
\”So, I\’m going out tonight and I have no cash and nothing to wear, which means it\’s time to hit up the bank (aka My Brother). Haha. He has like an addiction to my ass, so it\’s kind of my way to get anything out of him. He tells me he lost all his cash at the casino last night, but he does have credit cards…which is even better with those high limits! So, sweet! He doesn\’t give in right away, so it\’s time to show him my ASSets. ��
I lift my skirt and wiggle my butt till he gives in and hands over a card. He just can\’t resist my juicy ass. Unfortunately this card has only a $100 limit. Lame! I lay his pretty little head down and decide to work my magic from another angle…on his face! I twerk and wiggle my ass all over his face and he hands over card after card after card just to spend more time beneath me. Works like a charm! BUT…once I get his last card (now having about 20k to spend), I tell him that I actually have to put him to sleep… I\’m kind of grounded and don\’t want him blabbing to Mom before I leave the house. Haha. Time to shop till I DROP…my big ass on your face! ��
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Footlicking – Mandy Flores – Grandpas Foot Fetish Blackmail HD Mandy Flores Financial Domination

Mandy Flores  Grandpas Foot Fetish Blackmail HD Mandy Flores Financial Domination  preview

606.8 MB – 1920×1080 – mp4 – 00:10:57

Mandy has been staying at Grandpa’s house to keep him company, and she is bored out of her mind. But she knows he’s so rich he couldn’t spend all his money in ten lifetimes, so she’s trying to be a good girl and pretend she’s there for him. Maybe he’ll give her some money just out of the goodness of his heart, right? Not a chance. This tight wad is so stingy with his pennies he won’t even pay for her pedicure. But he loves her feet. She notices when she sits on the couch next to him, he can’t keep his eyes off them. Maybe there is a way to get him to give her some money after all! Grandpa mentions how pretty her work was on the pedicure she had to do herself today. She decides to take advantage of his obvious obsession with her them and asks him to rub her sore feet and soles. Of course he doesn’t mind at all, being a caring grandpa and all LOL. She knows he is so weak, and as he rubs one foot she slowly slides her other foot right into the bulge in his pants. “This is OK isn’t it?” as if she didn’t know. “Of course that’s fine if you want to do that” he says. What he doesn’t notice is the phone she has been playing with since she sat down is actually recording the whole thing on video! She puts her foot in his mouth and he sucks away on her toes like it’s his last meal! While he is busy there she rubs his cock through his pants and makes him cum. Some of it seeps through his pants onto her foot and she raises it to his mouth to clean, which he happily does. Then she shows him she’s recording. “Oh I can’t delete it grandpa, it’s already loaded to the cloud, and you’re going to give me everything I want tonight” ………Mandy Flores