Tease And Denial – Lexi Luxe starring in video ‘Bratty British Ruinatrix Destroys Your Brain Cells With Aroma And Denial’ of ‘Humiliation POV’ studio

Lexi Luxe starring in video Bratty British Ruinatrix Destroys Your Brain Cells With Aroma And Denial of Humiliation POV studio  preview

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HumiliationPOV proudly introduces our newest Brat, Lexi Luxe! Her gorgeous body and sexy British accent will completely annihilate you!
Addiction has totally fucking ruined you, hasn’t it? Femdom porn has completely ruined those brain cells. Now I’m going to make sure that any little brain cells that you have left are completely destroyed. I know this because you’ll do anything I say when I wave this little bottle in front of your face. You’re such an addict, you can’t resist it. That bottle just calls to your nose. Now sniff, deep inhales in each nostril. Good boy. Sniff again, I told you, we’re going to completely destroy those fucking brain cells so that you’re completely stupid and ready to become completely obedient to my commands. And that’s how I like my men, dumb and obedient.
Now you’re beginning to feel it, it’s quite a rush, isn’t it? Yes, and that’s just how you like it. Now take out your cock, and start stroking for me. Stroke to your British Ruinatrix. Good boy. You are nothing but a strokaholic for me. A sniffing, gooning strokaholic. Keep edging, show me how much you love stroking to my goddess body. I know it makes you weak and stupid. I’ve already got you in the palm of my hand. It’s that easy, all you have to do is sniff and stroke and you’re mine. You can’t say no to me when you’re all fucked up, especially when I look this good.
Look at my shiny knee high boots and my tiny bikini, I have them on just to fuck with your head a little bit more. You’re a brainless little goonaholic, aren’t you? But I feel like you still have some brain cells intact. We don’t want that now do we? I want you stupid and horny so sniff again. Deep inhales. And again, really destroy those brain cells. Good boy.
Aren’t you just so lucky that I let you jerk to me? Yes, you are, so take full advantage of it. Stroke to me. Get addicted to my voice and my perfect body. I know they both make your brain melt. My body is more than you can handle, I see you’re starting to drool and I’m wondering if it’s because of my body or if your brains are leaking out through your mouth? Personally I think it’s my boots, or is it my bikini? You don’t know, you’re too stupid at this point.
Pump your loser cock to me and take two more sniffs. Pump and sniff at the same time, if you can lol. I want you sot fucking stupid and horny for me. So keep stroking and sniffing. Don’t stop. It feels too good to stop. Are you close to cumming? I know you are. You’re jerking yourself into a frenzy for me. Are you ready for a sexy cum countdown? 10, 9, …. 3, 2, 1… Hands off idiot! Did you really think I was going to let you cum that easily? God you’re so stupid. I really destroyed some brain cells, didn’t I? They’ll be no cumming for you today, you haven’t earned it. Stupid aroma sniffing gooners don’t deserve to cum, do they? No, you deserve to be teased and denied and fucked with over and over again until there’s nothing left in your brain.