Tease – Brat Princess 2 – Cali – Office Bitch Intern Dominates Coworker

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Cali took a long lunch and went on a little bit of a shopping splurge. Nobody at the office seemed to notice her absence except for her co-worker, Danni. Cali shows off to Danni the new dress she just purchased while on her lunch break. Danni is kept locked in chastity by the women in his office. This week, Cali is holding his key, even though she’s just an intern. Cali makes her co-worker admire her body in her new dress. Danni wishes the women in his office did not insist on keeping him in a chastity device. Plus, he must work naked so that all his female co-workers can see that he’s kept locked. It’s humiliating, but Danni needs the job.
Cali checks in with Danni to make sure that he did all her work for her while she was on the long lunch. Danni did all of Cali’s work, and he let her buy some new things for herself with his credit card, so Cali’s pretty happy with Danni at the moment. Danni is happy that Cali’s in a good mood and decides to take advantage of it by asking her if he can come out of chastity. Cali is very offended. Boys should do nice things for girls without expecting anything in return. Danni asking for things in exchange is really offensive to Cali and makes her feel like a whore. Cali is now mad. She is a class act, and as such, cannot be bought with money. Cali does things because she wants to, not because she’s been manipulated or swayed by something as slight as a new dress.
Cali teases Danni with her ass and convinces him to contact HR to arrange for funds from his check to be direct deposited straight into her bank account every payday. Danni complains that he feels like Cali is trying to take advantage of him. Cali is outraged. She understands that she earns more than Danni, even as an intern, but it’s not fair that girls are expected to look hot all the time and spend so much of their earnings on clothes. Cali thinks it’s only fair that Danni, who enjoys looking at her in sexy clothes, contribute to paying for more of them. Cali doesn’t just want one new dress, she wants new dresses every week to wear to the office. What can Danni do? Cali is his keyholder and he must do whatever she wants.