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Posted: June 5, 2021
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Jason has always had a problem with his super sensitive gag reflex, it isn’t allowing him to hav al lthe fun he wants and he’s decided to visit a specialist to see if she can cure it. Dr. Rio is known to have some very controversial treatments and examines Jason before letting him know she may have a cure. In a bizarre technique she tells him to squeeze his thumb while pressing his bottom lip area, he doesn’t really believe this ridiculous technique will work but soon Dr. Rio removes her shoes and tells him to open up as she rams her long size 9.5 deep down his throat, to his surprise he barely gags much. He can’t believe it may be working. She tells him it’s gonna take some time to get it down so they must keep at it. Dr. Rio continues to have him do the technique then shoves her feet down his throat over and over. he is feeling humiliated by her style but he wants it gone bad so he continues to gag on her feet much to her satisfaction. He’ll need to come back weekly for more treatment at this rate!
Starring: Ama Rio, Jason Ninja


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