Toes pointing – Empress Mika – Clean My Feet Before My Date

Empress Mika  Clean My Feet Before My Date preview

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You really are the luckiest foot slave alive! Your entire existence is dedicated to serving and worshiping My perfectly slender, size 10 feet. Tonight, I have a date which means you get to clean and pamper them before I leave! Since I will be standing all night long, it’s only proper that My feet be worshiped in preparation. So, crawl on over here and get ready to massage and prepare them for My big night out, like the good little foot bitch that you are. You can start by rubbing and smelling them, to get their scent deep in your mind. Then, you are going to lick them clean, with your tongue, to remove every last speck of filth that is coating them. Before you start, however, I’m going to get them extra grimy and dirty, so that the taste and smell of My sweaty feet stays in your mind, and on your tongue, all night long while I am out having fun with My man. It’s only proper that My little cucked foot slave obsesses over My feet, while I’m gone, so that you are desperate and hungry to clean them when I get back. Like I said before, you really are the luckiest slave in the world!