Toes pointing – Jody’s Size 10.5 Candid Stinky Soles Part 14

Jodys Size 105 Candid Stinky Soles Part 14 preview

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Meet Jody- Size 10.5 Feet- 35 years old- -Amazing Video- Jody is a true Goddess.She knows that guys love her feet and loves to dominate them.She has always had guys into her feet since she was a young.She is almost 6 feet tall and she wore a size 10 by the time she was 9 years old.She told me that she gave her first footjob at 15 and used her toes to unbutton his jeans and button his jeans up afterwards.She has always gotten compliments on her feet and loves to show them off in public.Her feet are so huge and perfectly shaped.Her soles are creamy,wide and super wrinkly and she has high arches and gorgeous toes and toenails.I fell in love with her feet as soon as she took off her Ugg Boots.You can not help but be amazed at how huge and gorgeous her feet are in person.She loves the attention and is a natural at this.She has incredibly sexy foot movement and it is some of the best I have seen.Her feet are very flexible and she also has a very nice toe spread.I was in awe the whole time she was there.She kept speaking about how great she is a giving footjobs.I was drooling from some of the stories.Unfortunately I didnt get one but I did get to bury my face in her huge soles and while I was doing that she was pressing her feet all over my face and grabbing my nose with her toes.Her feet took up my whole head and face.I nearly came in my pants.Her feet smelled wonderful and she is without a doubt a new favorite model of mines.I hope to see her again asap.She has some of the best videos that I have done and she is going to cause some serious Jerking Off,I promise that.Please make sure to buy her clips,I Guarantee you will not be disappointed.