Toilet Humiliation – THE MEAN GIRLS – Slaves Don’t Eat – Princess Beverly

THE MEAN GIRLS  Slaves Dont Eat   Princess Beverly  preview

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Princess Beverly finds a note from one of the other Princesses on the fridge saying that she’s responsible for the feeding of the slave today. She gets SUPER angry about this because the slave is fat enough already! And she mocks it directly to its face for this. She comments about how PERFECT and THIN her body is – and this fat slob is lucky just to literally be her slave!
The slave will need to pay the price for it, if it wants to “eat” so bad. Honestly, Princess Beverly does not feel that SLAVES should even be allowed to eat – EVER. They should just be beaten and worked to – and then replaced! She would enjoy seeing them worked to detth n starved over the course of several weeks as she relaxes and enjoys their suffering in desperation to serve her and earn even a tiny little crumb from one of her gourmet meals.
Princess Beverly drags the slave by its leash into the bathroom and takes a can of disgusting wet dawwg food and pours it into the toilet bowl! To encourage the slave to eat its “delicious meal” . that she is required to feed it, she has tied an electric shock collar around its genitals. The slave will be shocked mercilessly for Princess Beverly’s entertainment as it eats its dinner out of her TOILET! Haha SO entertaining!
While he consumes his “feast” it is constantly humiliated verbally by Princess Beverly. She gives him a break from “dining” by jerking on his chain – just so she can spit directly into his face, tell him what a “fat fuck loser” he is, and then just shoves his face back down into the toilet!
Since the slave-dawgg does not seem happy enough to Princess Beverly about his food choice, he gets some heavy electric shocks to his balls while Princess Beverly laughs at his suffering and shoves his head even DEEPER into the toilet with her booted foot!
At the end, Princess Beverly makes the slave literally BEG her to starve him to deaath! She does not want to have to feed him EVER again, so she makes him literally beg her to never feed him again! And he has learned his lesson by know and fears the wrath of Princess Beverly! So he DOES literally beg on his knees for Princess Beverly to intentionally starve him to deaath while he will continue to work night and day for her and serve her hand and foot – until he literally collapses at her feet n dyes from starvattion! (At which point, she lets the slave know that she will just laugh and order other slaves to dispose of his “carcass”!)
Princess Beverly is heartless and sees slaves as “things” to be used n discarded – nothing more.
***NOTE FROM PRINCESS BEVERLY: OMFG this clip was disgusting LOL! that was REAL dawgg food!! Literally, I almost threw uup just watching this fat piigg eating that disgusting craapp out of the toilet! I could smell that sh**tt all the way up where I was. God only knows what it was like for him with his head down in that toilet actually eating that sh**tt! Luckily I don’t really care what slaves suffer through LOL. And it WAS entertaining for me to shock its balls while it had to eat that slop out of the toilet. Haha