Topless Domina – Mistress T starring in video ‘Gloryhole Trainer – Complete Movie’ of ‘The English Mansion’ studio

Mistress T starring in video Gloryhole Trainer  Complete Movie of The English Mansion studio preview

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Mistress T is training one of her reluctant slaves to suck cock. She has a well planned way of motivating them, first using a big strapon to get them used to a full mouth and to make sure there is no teeth dragging. For further encouragement various implements are used to focus the slave’s mind and break their will down, the initial reluctance passing, soon Mistress is fucking his throat vigorously. The next stage is to accompany him to a local, seedy gloryhole spot and make him taste his first cock, which is soon poking through, a few slaps of the crop on the slave’s ass and he takes the cock into his reluctant mouth. Mistress T further humiliates him as he starts to enjoy the warm feeling in his mouth and she enjoys removing the condom when it has cum and pours it straight into his mouth, the next cock already sticking through and awaiting it’s attention…