Trigger Fantasy – Alix Lynx starring in video ‘Programmed PayBot – ‘Click Click’ Mindwashing And Trigger Training For Twitchy Pay Pigs’Alix Lynx starring in video ‘Programmed PayBot – ‘Click Click’ Mindwashing And Trigger Training For Twitchy Pay Pigs’

Alix Lynx starring in video Programmed PayBot  Click Click Mindwashing And Trigger Training For Twitchy Pay PigsAlix Lynx starring in video Programmed PayBot  Click Click Mindwashing And Trigger Training For Twitchy Pay Pigs preview

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You need training, don’t you piggy? Yes you do. You need ‘click click’ training. I’m going to get deep inside your mind and plant these words deep into your subconscious. ‘Click click’. And to further implant these words into your brain, not only am I going to say them, but each time I do I’m going to tease you with my perfect body to make sure that they are permanently etched into your weak piggy brain. The combination of my sexy voice and perfect curves is too much for your weak brain. It’s so easy programming weak idiots like you, you’re so suggestible lol. And it’s going to be even easier because I know you already know these words. Your brain has already been conditioned to them. Your cock already automatically responds to them. Let me show you how fucked you are already. ‘Click click’. See, didn’t your cock twitch? I know it did loser.
I’m going to turn you into a clicking robot. ‘Click click’. See your cock throbs uncontrollably. And we haven’t even gotten to the fun stuff yet. I know you know what I’m talking about, don’t you piggy? What does ‘click click’ mean? I love fucking with you like this. You know, you feel it. ‘Click click’. I don’t even have to say it, do I? Your piggy cock throbs and responds and it controls your hand to your mouse. It’s automatic, you’ve already been programmed. You want to click, don’t you? You need to. You don’t want to stop. It just feels so good on your cock. You love this programming. You love that by touching your mouse you can make your cock feel so good. The triggers are already there.
‘Click click’. Stare at my body loser. I am gorgeous, I am too much for a loser like you. It’s really almost too easy when you’re as hot as I am. You just want to click. You can’t stop. You have no control any more. And you love being reckless and out of control. I know how you work, piggy. ‘Click click’. It feels so good. Don’t stop. The more you click the better your cock feels. You keep stroking in anticipation of me saying those words. You hang on my every word just hoping I’ll say them. I almost don’t even need to say them any more because you already can’t get them out of your brain. Beg me loser, beg me to say them again. I’m conditioning your mind, word by word, stroke by stroke. You’re falling deep under my spell and there’s nothing you can do about it. ‘Click click.’
Your cock continues to throb uncontrollably every time I say your trigger words. It’s not in your control any more. Even if you wanted to stop, you couldn’t. I’m going to drain you so hard. You’re not going to be able to stop. ‘Click click’. Feel the programming, feel your cock throb, feel your hand race for your mouse. Click it idiot. You can’t stop clicking. Click and twitch. You’re so conditioned. You’re helpless, aren’t you piggy? You couldn’t stop if you tried. You’re my programmed clicking robot. You’re getting so addicted to this feeling. Click for my perfect porn star body, your cock will respond.
Stroke that piggy cock as you become more and more mesmerized by my words and the sound of my voice. ‘Click click’. You want me to rinse you, don’t you? Beg me, beg me to say those words again, beg me to rinse you. Keep stroking your horny piggy cock while you beg. Your cock just makes you so stupid and horny, doesn’t it? Don’t stop loser. ‘Click click’. Click and throbbing and jerking and paying, it just feels so good. You’re lost. Trapped. You can’t escape the pleasure. There’s nothing you can do to stop me from draining your account. But you don’t want me to stop, do you? You want more, you need more. Feel your cock throb. ‘Click click’. Beg for more. Beg for more training and draining. Beg me to make it irreversible. Oops, too late, it already is. You’re so fucked, piggy.
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