Under Her Feet – Czech Soles – Dominant gothic girl bullying her neighbour

 Czech Soles  Dominant gothic girl bullying her neighbour  preview

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Jack is lives in the building for a long time and all of the other apartments in the building change tenants each few months so Jack resigned on getting to know others there. He lives his normal boring life, he works at an office, he wears nice shirts and ties and he minds his own business. It’s a day like any other and Jack is at home while someone knocks on the door. Jack opens the door and a Gothic looking girl is standing there asking if Jack would have some spare pasta because she ran out. Jack invites her in and start looking for some pasta in the back of his kitchen cabinet. In the meantime, without Jack knowing it, this girl. Laura, she takes a saw and pincers she finds lying there in Jack’s kitchen and she starts to have some mean ideas. When Jack finds some pasta he looks back at Laura and he sees the was and pincers right in front of his face. He gets scared and the girl starts to threaten with there tools to Jack. “You don’t greet me,. neighbour. You’re very impolite!” she says. Jack is scared and he starts to apologize but that’s not enough for her. She wants to punish him. Laura kicks Jack to make him fall on the ground and as he is lying there on his back, helpless, she takes her foot out of her shoe and puts it on Jack’s face. “Now you’ll do as I say until I consider your apology sufficient. I hope you like feet…” she says. It seems to be just the beginning of all this. Jack is in some deep trouble now.