Verbal Humiliation – ASIAN MEAN GIRLS – CASH STASHING LOSER! Starring Empress Jeun

ASIAN MEAN GIRLS  CASH STASHING LOSER Starring Empress Jeun  preview

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The Empress Jeun is always hungry! Not for the delicious morsels that her fast food slinging, loser for a slave can provide. No the Empress Hungers for money. His money! and he just doesn’t make enough. So when the Empress is informed that he`s been stashing cash. She decides to pry it out of him!
The Empress orders her nervous and reluctant slave to the floor. Orders him to get rid of his oil laden smelly shirt! Then she sinks her teeth into him. She tells him of a conversation that she had earlier in the day. She knows that he’s got more than Three hundred dollars in his pocket! Much more. He doesn’t deserve that money. It belongs to his Empress. Its hers and she will have it. He doesn’t need a new car, The Empress will take his money and then beat and humiliate him for holding out. She makes him work just for the honor of giving it to her. Then she pulls out a hair brush and beats his ass until he’s bleeeding. So that he will never hold out on her again.