Verbal Humiliation – Mistress Ezada Sinn – Impotent wanker teasing

Mistress Ezada Sinn  Impotent wanker teasing preview

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I keep this compulsive wanker in permanent chastity, this is the only way he can have a life and be able to concentrate on things. Otherwise, he would spend most of his time jerking off in front of a computer screen. A real jerk-off junky.But today is his lucky day: after being locked for two weeks, today I will let his cock out. I don’t want him to start jerking off here, and I don’t think he can control himself, so I cuffed the slave’s hands behind his back. Yet, when I remove his chastity, his cock is small and soft. With a Woman wearing nothing else but stockings and lace in front of him, a pair of My pantyhose in his mouth and even My hand on his cock, he is still pathetically flaccid. he’s so addicted to masturbation that he can’t have an erection from anything else but a hand frenetically jerking his cock. he is not aroused by a Woman close to him, but only by pictures of Women. Addicted to porn, he prefers to wank than to fuck a Woman, maybe because he knows he doesn’t deserve to fuck a Woman. Well, I don’t think he deserves to cum either. I will make his cock hard by jerking it as he dreams of, but only to push it back into the chastity cage. With an addiction this strong, his treatment is far from being over.#1 clip in category “VERBAL HUMILIATION”