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Posted: March 12, 2023

Humiliation POV 2022 RELEASE Bullied In The Hallway By The Hot Popular Girls preview

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This clip is soooo fucking mean and bratty! This is so fucking hot! Imagine three bratty schoolgirl bullies in the hallway humiliating you. You can hear and see all three of them humiliating you, laughing at you, being disgusted by you, flipping you off and giving you the loser sign lol! You can hear them all talking to you at the same time, it’s so fucking hot! You’re not going to be able to stop jerking to this clip! This is brilliant!
Hey loser! There you are, we were looking for you. Where were you? Like loser, we don’t have time to look for you idiot. Anyway we have a favor to ask. You know how busy we are, right? And we really don’t have time to do the school project. And we’d appreciate it if you would do if for us. No? Since when do you say no to us? What a fucking loser! What? Do you have better things to do than helping us? I don’t think so! I mean what better thing is there to do than helping us, loser? I mean we know you spend your free time jerking off to us. We see your boner in the hallways. LOL!
Why are you blushing, loser? Did you think we didn’t notice? LOL! We see how you stare at us in class and touch yourself under your desk lol. Ewwww it’s so fucking gross! LOL! We see you, idiot. You’re such a nerd. Oh My God! So we’re not asking nicely any more, we are demanding. Yea. And you will do it, otherwise the entire school will know how you touch yourself to us under your desk in class lol! Ugh and like hurry up and agree, we don’t want to be seen with a loser like you. I mean do you even realize how luck you are that we’re even talking to you? This is like so bad for our reputation. Ewww stop staring! Freak.
Everyone already knows what a loser you are, oh yea, and a fucking virgin lol! Imagine how bad the bullying will be for you if everyone finds out you’re a virgin lol! You should like thank us for letting you do our school project, it’s such a fucking privilege for a loser like you. OH My God! You have a boner! LOL! Look at that little bulge in his pants! LOL! Does this turn you on, loser? Are you turned on just because we’re even talking to you? LOL! You fucking virgin! Or is it how hot we look in these outfits? Or do you like it when we are mean? You’re such a pathetic loser. We’re turning you on, aren’t we you stupid fucking loser? LOL!
Isn’t it so sad that you’ll never get with us? LOL! We won’t even talk to you lol! You’re like invisible here at school. Like everyone knows what a fucking loser you are. But you’re so lucky, we’re going to tease you to give you a little motivation to get working on our school project. It’s late, everyone else has left. Why don’t you take off your pants loser? Take them off. When a hot girl like me tells you to take off your pants you just do it. Oh my god! Ewwww! No wonder you’re a virgin. It’s so fucking small! LOL! This must be so embarrassing for you lol. You fucking disgust us. And we can see why you don’t have sex, you barely have a dick lol! You fucking loser!
You look so stupid standing there with your pants down in front of us lol! It’s so fucking pathetic and so fucking small! LOL! This is all you will ever get from us. You’re just a nerdy loser who masturbates all do to hot, popular girls like us. Isn’t that right, loser? Yea you jerk off all the time to us in these hot little outfits. We’re so far out of your fucking league! Show us how you do it. C’mon loser. LOL!!! You’re so fucking pathetic. You’re such a fucking pervert. You’re so lucky we’re even talking to you. You’re like fucking gross. Keep jerking for the girls you’ll never have. All you’ll ever get is used by brats like us lol! We only fuck hot guys, like football players. Not losers like you. Ewwww we would never fuck you LOL!
You should be so embarrassed! LOL! Watch us mock you loser! Oh yea, you like that don’t you? I really can’t believe he’s jerking off in front of us! LOL! Oh my god! You’re a virgin loser with a small dick lol. Pretty mean girls like us turn you on so much. LOL! Jerk it faster loozer! No wonder you’re the only virgin left in the whole school with that little penis lol! Oh my god you’re so fucking pathetic. Jerk it, virgin loser. You fucking nerd. Hurry up, we have better things to do than watch you jerk off. There’s like a big party tonight we have to go to. And we can’t be seen with you. So get to work on that school project. We expect to get an A+. And if you we don’t the whole school will find out that you’re a virgin lol!


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