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Posted: October 23, 2021
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Astro Domina  Asian Homewrecker Good Wife Gone Bad preview

596 MB – 1920*1080 – mp4 – 00:24:09

A happily married couple is making pleasant small-talk in their home. Abruptly, their married bliss is shattered by a hot Asian home-invader and she overpowers our young happy couple and binds them quickly. The home invaders purpose is to ruin happy relationships & spoil the innocence of newlyweds like our heroes: to do this, you unveil your body, clad in a sexy latex outfit that both male & female are powerless to resist. First, she fucks the wife in front of the husband, making him watch, as he begs you to stop & leave his poor wife. She makes him beg for her to stop. His wife cries at first but begins to clearly enjoy it, and cums quickly. After she’s done with her, the wife admits, somewhat ashamed, that she wants to join the home invader’s cause & punish others like her, corrupted as she is now. The previously innocent housewife reemerges dressed similar to her new Mistress in a latex domme outfit, a slave and Mistress-in-training now herself. The wife is now a DOMME, enjoying her newfound sexuality & power; the husband asks, “What have you done to her?” You tell him you have set her free, etc. The home invader then instructs her domme protegee how to fuck her confused, squirming husband into submission; the two dommes tag-team the protesting sub!


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