Whipping – Asian Cruelty – TEASED, DENIED AND TORMENTED Starring Goddess Ember Snow

 Asian Cruelty  TEASED DENIED AND TORMENTED Starring Goddess Ember Snow  preview

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In this video I display both my playful nature and my sadistic lust for punishing my slaves for their improper behavior. Absolutely mesmerizing in my patent leather wardrobe, I tease and taunt my bound and helpless slave by removing my jacket to allow him a momentary glance at my exposed breasts. But he can only look. His kind will never be allowed to touch such a superior Asian Goddess.
But what is this? It would appear that he has become aroused by the mere site of my breasts. How dare he! I must now punish him for leering so lustfully at them. HA HA! How dare he be so disrespectful when I have offered him such a rare and divine privilege. But we both knew his response was predictable. He never stood a chance.
The cane will be my preferred implement of destruction. His ass shall be my target. His ass will be mine. He will quickly learn to never abuse the privileges I allow him. The first few strikes of my lethal canes are always the most jarring, as one cannot possibly prepare themselves mentally or physically for the searing pain they inflict.
Like a hot blade through butter, the cane tears the flesh with a burning impact, and then the heat continues to build in intensity for several seconds thereafter. There is no other form of torment that breaks down both the body and the psyche, like that of the bamboo cane. The pain is exquisite. As a training tool, the results are undeniable.
I continue to flaunt my glorious bare breasts in front of his pathetic face, as I strike his ass cheeks again and again, until the pain is so extreme that he can no longer keep his eyes open. Therein lies the predicament for this hapless minion. Can he maintain his gaze on my magnificent breasts, while I beat him senseless for that very misdeed? Or will he shut his eyes in an effort to endure the agony. Such a delicious conundrum. HA HA!