Worship – Ballbusting Beauties – BBB – Hostile Takeover – Mz Penelope

Ballbusting Beauties  BBB  Hostile Takeover   Mz Penelope preview

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Mz Penelope is the head of the “Mergers and Acquisitions” department of the BBB Corporation and is known for being as merciless as she is beautiful, and today she is set to meet with Mr.West regarding what he believes to be a “friendly” merger. But after bringing up some of his concerns around rumors that the BBB Corp. uses male slaves for free labor, Mz Penelope makes it clear to him that he is being bought out and that none of that is his concern. Insulted by the way she casually acts like she can take away the company he built, his anger takes over and he yells in her face…..Mz Penelope quickly takes back control of the situation, grabbing him by the testicles and squeezing them tight until his knees turn to jelly. She uses his tie, slipping it through her heel to pull him down to her sexy feet, him to worship them while slowly breaking his ego down. After tenderizing his testicles with some more squeezing and crushing, Mr.West can no longer fight back, obediently taking off his pants when ordered to by Mz Penelope. Humiliated by having his business stolen from him and now being physically tormented, he takes the rest of the brutal ballbusting of a meeting from Mz Penelope before she sends him crawling off with nothing left!!