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Posted: December 6, 2021
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Reality Girls Scissors  Cruel Kaia preview

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Kaia Callous’s simple smile as she locks out straight headscissors is addictive. Kaia Callous pours her power on her straight high school HS powered by years of competitive gymnastics and Cheer. Kaia laughs at him, saying “Oh, he is crying already!” She looks down and confirms that it’s because she’s strong. Billie slips into her straight headscissors – continuing his seemingly indefatigable mission of enduring the pain of hot girls. It’s a long straight headscissor — she twists it as Opal Rae did Skyler. Opal Rae may never be allowed again to use her legs in any way against anyone. Billie has been repeatedly injured by Japanese figure fours — a perfect reverse headcissors will have him gagging and staring back at him with complete satisfaction. Kaia Callous, who loves to hurt people, throws a power-extra into the hold that causes Billie’s head to jump and shake in midair. Kaia continues with three side neckscissors. Billie is then injured. He jerks it inhumanly, throwing up in his mouth, and falls shaking. She asks if Billie needs a break. Kaia smiles and mumbles, “no”, which makes Kaia feel happy. Others wonder about his pain threshold. He sounds like a soiled tire hose and jerks from repeated hamstring choking. Kaia tells him, as he whimpers in her straight headcissors, that he’s having a good time because she loves wrestling and play. Kaia hurt him in another signature of hers — the cruel side-scissors that are thrown straight from HS — into her calves choke, causing more tears. Billie is having a good time; he is crying. He is wearing purple, and is the headscissors for one of the most sadistic girls in the world. One of her most classic headscissors ever makes his skin mushy. Kaia is another flying headscissors/rib crushing as Billie screams and screams in pain. Kaia pours the power onto her straight headcissors. Kaia Callous, who is both extreme sadist and beauty, clamps her jaw as she tries to minimize the pain.


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