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Posted: December 6, 2021
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Reality Girls Scissors  The Celestial Headcissor Machine preview

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Celestial selected a good model name, both nouns and verbs. She is one the most beautiful wrestlers and will go to heaven. Billie didn’t feel like she was in heaven when she was caught in her rear naked choke. But, Celestial soon established herself as the best wrestler in the world with skill and some the most beautiful legs. There are very few perfect legs, but she has one. Billie is captivated by her dark brown hair, which she wears in a braid. Then, she switches to straight headcissors. Billie needs to take a break after one of the best reverse headscissors ever. She is followed by her laughter. Billie needs a break every now and then. Celestial pulls her scrunchie from her head and lets her hair go wavy. He taps. She puts on another throatscissors. He coughs in pain and then she whips him into a reverse headscissors. She’s a machine! Billie is locked in her eyes, so she lets him tap in the throatscissors before she goes back. She throatsits Billie, flips him over, and demands a strange sound from him. Billie needs a break again and when she brings him back, she makes him mumble in her elite throatscissors. He manages to make it. But the hot girl continues to fuck him with more throatscissors. After he has hiccups or some other reason, she chokes him in a pelvis choke. Finally, she puts on her front headscissors. Celestial is already a star, and she’s one of the best at applying headscissors. She is a true headscissor star. Her form, how deep she applies the hold and how she uses her inner thighs for damage control, are all things that will be remembered by everyone who sees her. Billie is sickened and disgusted by Billie’s college beauty. Her combination of power, beauty and sweetness makes her an absolute joy to watch and a nightmare to wrestle.


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