Yoga Pant Smothering – Domina Planet – Sweaty Ass-Pet – Goddess Aurora

Domina Planet  Sweaty AssPet   Goddess Aurora preview

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Goddess Aurora has finished a long workout at Her home gym and is quite sweaty and smelly, but has already used Her slave to clean Her shoes and lick Her sweaty feet clean. Now, She wants to relax on Her slave and finish Her stretching cool down, so She has him splayed on his back in bondage and sensory deprivation.
She starts off stretching Her hamstrings by propping Her muscular and shapely legs on his head and face, while taunting him with Her pedicured toes and yoga pants-covered pussy. Then She mounts his prone body, with Her shelf-like ass in his face. She yanks on the leash, pulling his face deeper into Her perfect ass as She stretches Her back in a sexy arch:
“You must feel soooooo lucky, slave to have your pathetic, ugly face buried in something as beautiful as my ass”
She says while leading his head with the leash deeper into the crack of Her bubble butt. He groans and gasps for breath while She reminds him:
“I hope you’ve been practicing your breath control bitch, cuz you’re gonna need it”
She swings first Her left leg, then Her right leg up onto his prone body, putting all of Her delicious body weight squarely on his pathetic face. He starts to struggle again for air, blowing raspberries into Her sweat-soaked ass in a desperate, but futile, attempt to catch his breath.
She cavalierly answers a call from a friend and continues to use her slave’s bound body as a chair while filling her girlfriend in on her day.
“You’re nothing but a chair to me”, she reminds him and its the only use for your filthy pathetic face anyway.”
“Hold your breath” She demands and yanks his leash and sits Her spandex-covered pussy right on his open mouth. Your chair whore to me – nothing more”
She peels Her ass off of his face to provide him with just enough oxygen to keep conscious while he sucks in as precious life-giving oxygen as he can before it’s cut-off by Her perfect posterior:
“You don’t get to breathe until I let you…” he continues struggling: “I don’t think I’m smothering you enough, the way you’re squirming around like a worm”
She puts Her hand behind Her ass, grabbing his the crown of his head and mashing it deeper into the valley between Her muscular thighs. He starts struggling even harder, the bench shaking with his efforts but She keeps his airways sealed tight with Her yoga pant-covered pussy, ass and thighs until he stops moving.
“Take it you bitch, you can’t escape from your Goddess!”
She looks down and notices he isn’t moving, so She slides off of his face briefly and slaps him until he wakes up. She becomes bored with the session at this point and tells him that it’s enough for today but tomorrow will bring a surprise…