Download – Jasmine Mendez – Daisy Dukes Chest Sitting Session

Jasmine Mendez  Daisy Dukes Chest Sitting Session  preview

752 MB – 1280*720 – mp4 – 00:23:08

Custom: You are doing a chest sitting session with a guy who requested that you dress as Daisy Duke. The guy is lying on the bed with his head facing the headboard. You enter the room and ask him if he’s ready for you to sit on him, he is so you step astride him on the bed. You tell him about chest sitting and tell him that you decide how long your going to sit on top of him for (In the guy’s POV). Then you sit down on top of him, straddling him with both knees on the bed and pin his arms above his head. You ask him if he’s ever been sat on like this before. You tell him how you love to straddle guys and ask him how it feels to have you sitting on top of him. Then you start bouncing a little on his chest to knock the air out of his lungs. You decide that you want to turn him around so his head is facing the end of the bed. You hop back on top of him with both knees on bed saying giddy up horsey and ask him if Daisy Dukes ever pinned down her step-brother. Near the end of the video you tell him how you enjoyed sitting on him, then you blow a kiss toward the camera and get up and walk away.


Download – Game Night – Level 3

Game Night  Level 3  preview

718 MB – 1920*1080 – mp4 – 00:10:13

Mistress’s ass just keeps getting more and more muscular and what better way to spend the night than to be trapped between her thighs, forced to stare at it while she plays some old video games. She has him tied and up (wrists and ankles) and firmly locked in a reverse. There’s no way of escaping which really comes back to bite him. As some of you may know, Mario can be a very frustrating game and every time Mistress loses a life, it creates a chain reaction, resulting in some really hard squeezing. So at times, slave can be very comfortable in her grip and then suddenly, she unleashes a pythonic crush sending him in a desperate panic. One time, she got so upset that she accidentally put him out for a nap. He wakes up still prisoner to the angry gamer’s strong legs. This goes on for a few more minutes until Mistress builds up so much frustration that she breaks his neck with her thighs. This woman has too much power for her own good!

CLICK TO GET FILE FROM K2S.CC - WATCH ONLINE AND DOWNLOAD – Fucked Feet – With Pleasure – Allegra Cee

Fucked Feet  With Pleasure   Allegra Cee  preview

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Now introducing, Allegra Cee! She’s a new but very popular fetish model I had the pleasure of meeting and working with at a recent Fetish Con. She has super soft size 8 feet with very wrinkled soles. Check out her spiky heels! These heels can do some serious damage! See Allegra dangle her heels as you can see her high arches. She definitely knows how to tease and seduce. After she drops her heels, she holds up each foot and then, both feet and wrinkles and scrunches her soles. Everyone likes a girl who can suck her own toes and lick her own feet! Allegra Cee is one who CAN. See this sensual clip where she sucks her toes, licks her soles and also bites and nibbles on her heel. She takes a lot of pride in the fact, that she can do this. She is a true foot girl! Also, in this scene, she shows off her soft size 8 in the Pose Position and a couple additional positions. Check it out! She loves SELF SUCKING and suggested we do this. To make it even more fun, we decided to do both – her sucking her toes and licking one foot, while I do the same on the other! Allegra is a very enthusiastic fetishist and her eagerness shows in every clip. You can see me removing her spike heels and then worshiping her feet and then, the self sucking as well as me doing the same. I love to hear thatt she loves having her feet worshiped so much, she almost likes it better than sex. These are the types of girls foot guys just love. I say it’s another form of foreplay and adds to the fun. Check out Allegra getting her size 8 feet worshiped in the Pose Position. I think Allegra agrees!


Femdom Online – Fucked Feet – Brazilian Beauty’s First Footjob – Adriana Evans

Fucked Feet  Brazilian Beautys First Footjob   Adriana Evans  preview

896 MB – 1920*1080 – mp4 – 00:37:44

Adriana Evans is a hot Brazilian American girl who I had been wanting to work with for quite awhile. She has worked my foot worship parties here in Philly before. In fact, I primarily work with girls in LA and also Florida, I couldn’t wait to work with Adriana! I hadn’t done anything in Philly for some time. Perfect timing! She has INCREDIBLE FEET! In fact, she has some of the HIGHEST ARCHEST I have ever seen. Real DEEP HIGH ARCHES! She also has EXTREMELY WRINKLED SOLES, too! You guys will be amazed at how nice her feet are. They are a size 8 and she gets pedicures quite often. We start things off with a fun interview and then she dangles one foot out of her closed to heel. You can see just how high her arches are, when she drops the heel slightly off her foot. Great angle!! She then removes both heels and there are amazing closeups of her wrinkled soles and she does a toe point, wiggles her toes, spreads her toes and a great viewpoint being lower and looking straight up at her feet as they come down at you. You really feel like you are right there beneath her feet! You can also see her in the Pose and get her feet worshiped that way, too. I Could not wait to lick her bare feet right out of her closed toe high heels! Her feet were nice and sweaty as she was wearing them for awhile that day and also just got a fresh pedicure. Her soles are extremely wrinkled and she has super high arches that just pop out of her heels. Gotta love that! As I lick her soles and high arches, she rubs my cock getting me all ready for the footjob that’s coming next. I then suck her soft toes and lick in between each one. Get a load of these SUPER HIGH ARCHES!! Notice how I say the word…..LOAD, lol. That’s where my huge load will be….all over her high arches, wrinkled soles, and the tops of her feet. Her name is Adriana Evans and she is a local model from the Philly area. It’s been quite a long time since I have shot at my studio here in Philly. I normally travel to South Florida and LA and numerous Exxxotica Expos. Lately, there’s been a ton of local talent, including girls who work my Foot Worship Parties who are willing to shoot for my sites. How cool is that?! It’s been at least over a year, I believe since November of 2014, when I last worked with Anais Jolie. I found a great camera guy to shoot my scenes here. He did an outstanding job with great angles. I know you all will really like it. It’s someone I had known for years but this is his first time shooting for any of my websites. It makes a huge difference when you have someone really good and my camera people in Florida and LA are top notch, too, of course…..anyway………………check out Adriana Evans FREAKY HIGH ARCHES and SUPER WRINKLED SOLES! I love getting footjobs from girls with arches like her’s. She has size 8 feet and she is BRAZILLIAN! Gotta love that! What I like so much about her is that she’s a freak and has a wild side and really aims to please and she cares about her performances. This is ACTUALLY HER FIRST FOOTJOB ANYWHERE ANY TIME!!!! Here, I’m thinking she had to have given one in her own personal life, but no. She only practiced on sex toys and stuff like that. She works my Foot Worship Parties every once in awhile when she is not traveling and shooting around the world, and I remember her telling me she can’t wait to give a footjob. I FINALLY took her up on that, and I figured, what better place to do this than at my studio and for my websites. We start off with her teasing my cock with her feet after I take off her high heels. She rubs my cock over my sweatpants with one foot as I lick the other. She is loving this! Then, the pants come off and she is stroking my cock like a professional!! Great cock stroking ability, too. I finish by exploding a huge load that wouldn’t quit all over her feet and wrinkled soles. She then, holds up her cum covered wrinkled soles to the camera. YES!! Another FIRST TIMER for the books!!


Fetish Sinema  Cuck Slut Abuse  preview

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A full length, candid style session clip. Experience Miss Anna Elite at her most sadistic as she takes pleasure in degrading her cuck slut endlessly. Utterly abused by the beautiful Mistress, the slut is used as a spittoon, toilet, panty cleaner and cum dump.
Adorned in delicate black lacy lingerie, the incredible Domina has her wicked way with this worthless slut. See what it’s like to spend an afternoon in session with this stunning Mistress.
Milked to within an inch of his pathetic life, Miss Anna’s slut is subjected to the taste of his own cum to earn the privilege of drinking that of Miss Anna’s boyfriend, a real man.


Download – Fetish Cinema – The Ultimate Degradation – Miss Anna Elite

Fetish Cinema  The Ultimate Degradation   Miss Anna Elite  preview

716 MB – 1920*1080 – mp4 – 00:06:22

Imagine the setting, you’re mid session with your Mistress and her Dominant friend. The room falls silent as both ladies leave briefly. Miss Kendal returns with a video camera and a wicked smile on her face that sends your mind whirling. What are they going to do to you?
Sadistic and sexy, Miss Anna Elite has devised a most degrading plan for her pathetic slut. With a candid look into a real time session, witness the ULTIMATE degradation. Miss Anna used tampon is dangled before the quivering male sub as he tries to come to terms with what is about to happen.
The overwhelming aroma of his Mistress’ womanhood is millimeters from his face. With a mouthful of her spit to moisten her sub, she instructs him to chew and suck on the used tampon, tasting her period as he is filmed in this most humiliating position.
Could you stomach this in servitude to your superior…?


Hot Wax – Femme Fatale Films – Leaky Cock Toy – Complete Film – Miss Deelight and Mistress R’eal

Femme Fatale Films  Leaky Cock Toy  Complete Film   Miss Deelight and Mistress Real  preview

931 MB – 1920*1080 – mp4 – 00:18:07

A man is caught lurking around near Mistress R’eal’s dungeon. They bring him inside and he gets a taste of what he’s been missing. On the verge of bursting to cum, he is secured to the bondage chair, then teased and tormented, before they seal up his leaky cock toy with hot wax. Great amusement for the Mistresses, but their new slave is certainly not laughing!