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Discover one of the most underrated femdom porn genres! Wax play porn is definitely amazing, but not too many people actually care enough about it to seek out all the GOOD clips that are definitely worth a watch (or more). Worry not, our femdom tube has already collected all the hottest, most popular, highest-rated, and exclusive wax play femdom vids. You can access them right here, by the way.
So, what can you possibly expect to see while watching hot wax play vids? Well, cruel mistresses are going to torture their slaves (of both genders, of course) by pouring hot wax all over their bodies. There’s going to be plenty of screaming because, speaking from personal experience, hot wax play hurts like a motherfucker. Naturally, not every single waxing porn video here is going to feature something brutal and clearly agonizing. Some feature lighter action and there’s nothing wrong with that. To each their own.
By the way, some people suggest that waxing porn is a term that shouldn’t be used interchangeably with hot wax porn or whatever, but we don’t give a fuck. We’re not talking about shaving right here, just to make it extra-clear. We’re talking about painful BDSM candles torture. Speaking of which, BDSM candles is a whole another subgenre worth getting into – you’re going to see lit candles get inserted into pussies, that sorta thing. Now we gotta say that EVERY single sex candles video is really really extreme, it’s not for the faint of heart.
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