Mistress – Club Stiletto FemDom – Worship My Juicy Butt and Wet Pussy

 Club Stiletto FemDom  Worship My Juicy Butt and Wet Pussy  preview

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Miss Muscle is kneeling on the bed with her big plump ass there for her slaves, as well as you, to drool over. Her crotchless panties give them a Birdseye view of her butt hole and pussy too. “Slaves will do anything for this juicy butt” she says, as she then says you can crawl towards her and kiss each cheek. As she leans forward her big puckered pussy lips are right in your face. “Imagine burying your nose in there” she says tauntingly. Now she calls her slave onto the bed to smell her pussy and ass and tells him to tell her how much he loves it. “You probably wish I’d fart in your face” she says.
Now she orders him to tongue fuck her ass and she moans from the pleasure it gives her. She tells him to spread her cheeks to insure he gets his tongue as deep as possible. Nice views of her bubble butt and asshole through this entire scene. Miss muscle explains how this bitch works like a all day for her just to be able to eat her ass. Now she orders him to go get her black dildo as she wants an orgasm. He has to use his hand to move the dildo in and out of her exactly as she tells him to. Soon she is moaning and thrashing about as the pleasure starts to overtake her. “If you give me a good orgasm you can lick the dildo after” she tells him. Now she tells him to really thrust it in and out of her as she grabs onto his hair. She has a huge orgasm and pulls the dildo away. She is pleased and pats her pet on the head.


Latex – Club Stiletto FemDom – Were You Trying To Breath Under There – Princess Lily

 Club Stiletto FemDom  Were You Trying To Breath Under There   Princess Lily  preview

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“I just love sm0thering my slaves with my latex” pretty Princess Lily says as this scene opens with her sitting on her slaves face. She comments how it totally seals off their air and they can’t breath. It’s a combination of chair for her and suffering for the slave. She gives the slave some air and asks him if he appreciates her amazing ass and when he says he does she says “It just takes your breath away doesn’t it?” She then settles back onto his face, grinding it with her ass but not allowing any air to get to him.
“You know what else is fun?” she says as she reaches into a container of clothes pins. She starts to apply them to his cock and balls but stays on his face until he starts to kick desperately. “Were you trying to breath under there?” she says with a laugh. She lets him breath but before he can answer she is back on his face. She tells him to stroke himself to take his mind off his lack of air but comments that the stroking is going to make the clothespins hurt him even more. Now Lily gives the slave a real treat as she gets up and removes her skirt revealing her beautiful but sweaty ass. “Lick up the sweat, it’s all your getting for dinner tonight” she tells him. As the slave licks one cheek she looks at you and says “Why don’t you come over here and lick the other cheek.” Her ass is big enough for two!


Facesit – Club Stiletto FemDom – The Last Thing You See – Miss Jasmine

 Club Stiletto FemDom  The Last Thing You See   Miss Jasmine  preview

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Miss Jasmine looks divine in her bra, stockings and corset ensemble, not to mention her amazing stilettos. She lifts herself up onto her slaves face and says that she is actually impressed with this one as he has done well taking beatings, trampling, and struggling for air under her ass. “His reward is more time under my ass” she says, and she settles in with her full weight on his face. She starts grinding his face into the mattress only occasionally shifting enough that he can catch a quick breath of air. What a thrill to be under her fleshy ass even though the struggle is real. It’s evident the slave loves it as he is rock hard. She runs her fingernails over his cock and then starts to stroke it.
As his arousal grows she sits back down and crushes his face again with her full weight. “I own him and control everything about him, and could end it right here if I decide not to get up” she explains. She says it would be a perfect way for any slave to go but she is just getting started with this one. She shifts into a reverse position giving him a chance for a deep breath of air. “Don’t you wish that was you?” she asks you. Great upward and overhead views give you a great view of the action and Jasmine’s stunning figure. Now she extends her legs in front of her and leans back while really burying his face in her ass. She then moves back to a forward position and again starts to rub his cock. She orders him to touch himself. While he does he grinds her ass into his face so he can stick his tongue up her hole. The slave has a big cock and is really hard. She contemplates if she should let him cum and the slave has to start to adjust his stroking to insure he doesn’t explode. “Squeeze it all out” she finally tells him, knowing he is now desperate to breath. He lets go with a massive cum shot and she shifts up so he can gasp his sounds of pleasure. Work hard for your Mistress and she just may let you cum!


Feet – Club Stiletto FemDom – Now I’m The Mean One – Raevyn Rose

 Club Stiletto FemDom  Now Im The Mean One   Raevyn Rose  preview

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Raevyn caught her pervert brother sniffing her and their moms worn panties as seen in Mom and Sis Panty Sniffing Blackmail. She has subsequently made him her slave. In this scene he is laying naked on the floor licking and massaging her feet. She reminds him how horrible he used to be as her big brother, how mean he was, and how it’s much better having him as a slave. “Now I’m the mean one” she says. She reminds him she has video footage of him sniffing moms panties and she wonders what mom would think if she saw it, not to mention dad. She tells him that she has a new guy coming over and his cock is huge. “I’m going to have him stand beside you for a comparison, I had no idea you were so tiny.”
She leans over and spits on her feet so he has some lube to work with, some of it lands on his face as well. She rubs it in with her feet and then orders him to massage some more. “You should get used to anything that comes from my body, including my spit” she tells him. She makes him open his mouth so she can spit in it. Raevyn lifts her arms in the air to play with her hair and gives you a nice view of her armpits. She tells him that he will serve her and anyone else she wants him too including her lovers and talks about a fat girlfriend she has who loves having her ass rimmed. “She’s so big she actually has a hard time licking her ass clean” she tells him, implying he will be her toilet paper too. Raevyn lifts one foot in the air so you get a good view of her toes and soles and then has bro lick between each toe. Looking at the camera she says “Girls I recommend that you do this to your brothers.”


Foot Job – Club Stiletto FemDom – More Fun, Less Oxygen – Miss Jasmine

 Club Stiletto FemDom  More Fun Less Oxygen   Miss Jasmine  preview

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The divine Miss Jasmine is wearing only nylons and sitting on her slaves face. “I like taking face sitting to the extreme” Jasmine says, adding, “because when they suffer it really gets me off.” After sitting in a reverse position she turns around and extends her legs across the length of the slave. While sealing his nose and mouth she uses her feet to kick his balls.
The slave starts to get erect so Jasmine uses her feet to stroke his dick. She lays back so she is leaning against the chaise but continues to cover the slaves face completely with her ass. Now she leans forward and pulls on his cock while slapping his balls. She gives him short breaths from time to time but pushes his limits time after time. “You’re going to get a rash on your face from my nylons” she tells the slave, then pulls out her phone to take some selfies forgetting that he is even there at all.


Foot Worship – Club Stiletto FemDom – It Requires More Than Your Hands – Sexy Princess Lily

 Club Stiletto FemDom  It Requires More Than Your Hands   Sexy Princess Lily  preview

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Sexy Princess Lily relaxes in her jacuzzi tub as she enjoys a glass of wine. While she talks about her long day and how nice the water feels, the camera pans out to show her slave kneeling at the end of the tub as he gives her a foot massage. Lily turns on the jets and closes her eyes, a perfect scenario for a Goddess. Not a care in the world! After a while, she tells her slave to use his mouth as well, as a good massage requires more than just hands. “Slaves just loving having things in their mouths anyway” she says with a smile. Lily tells the slave he can suck her toes, and when her boyfriend arrives, he can suck his cock as well. “Just until he’s ready to fuck me, then you can come and sit in this tub, as the water should be nice and cold by then” she says, adding “You can listen to us fuck in a way you will never be fucked.” She tells him this will be his reward for a hard week of work – sitting alone in a cold tub of water as he listens to her get fucked. She spoils this bitch!
The slave doesn’t bat an eyelash and is totally lost in his service because he knows this is required if he wants to retain his lofty position as her bathroom slave. Lily has a sore ass from working out and rolls over so the slave can massage her ass cheeks. She has an amazing ass and it would be a shame for you not to see it, and of course it drives the slave crazy, too, especially when she tells him this is the same position she’ll be in when her boyfriend fucks her. The slave spreads her cheeks and brazenly admires her puckered pink hole. “The only difference is that he’ll be grabbing me by the hips and sticking his cock inside me” Lily says. She tells the slave that the ass massage will help her relax for her boyfriend because she’s getting excited just thinking about him. “It kind of gives me a little pleasure knowing you’ll be in here, cold and alone, wishing you were the one who could fuck me… hearing it all, but knowing you’ll never be able to do what he does.” Such is life for a slave!