Sissy Training – Humiliation POV – You’re Just A Lowly Cuckold Cum Eating Sissy Fluffer For My Sissy – Lady Fyre

 Humiliation POV  Youre Just A Lowly Cuckold Cum Eating Sissy Fluffer For My Sissy   Lady Fyre preview

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I have a surprise for you today, sissy. This is a training exercise. I have a hot, muscular, well hung stud. And you’re going to watch as he fucks one of my other sissies, one of my primary sissies. You are not quite there yet. Do you enjoy watching my sissy getting fucked? Are you jealous you’re not the one being fucked? You haven’t earned it yet.
My sissy loves being used like the sissy slut that she is. I know you want to take her place. You long to be my sissy. But for now you just have to watch and see how it’s done. I want you growing more and more desperate to take her place. She’s such a good little whore and that’s what you’re striving for.
For now you’re just a fluffer for my sissy. How pathetic is that? You’re just a new recruit, earning your place on your knees. You need to watch and learn. You don’t deserve it in the ass yet. Now watch as he cums in my sissy’s ass. Do you see how much she makes him cum?
Your job today is to clean up that cream pie from my sissy’s ass. Yes, you’re so fucking low that you get to lick out cum from my sissy’s ass. You’re nothing but a fluffer and a cum cleaning sissy. This is how you will begin to earn your place as one of my sissies. You’re going to eat every drop of that stud’s cum out of another sissy’s pretty little ass. And if you do a good job then maybe you’ll be the one getting fucked in the ass next time. Keep licking sissy.


Fucking – Jasmine Mendez LatinAss Locas – Forcing BBC into Tiny Pussy

 Jasmine Mendez LatinAss Locas  Forcing BBC into Tiny Pussy  preview

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Luring this young asian back to my place in hopes she can be a famous model. little does she I plan on destroying her pussy with this bbc begging over and over for me to stop as I stretch her pussy past the point of any normal man..
I’m going to make her addicted to only BBC no matter how hard she tries. fucking her bf over and over to see if she can feel him. but that wont ever happen. i stretched her pussy wide open.
she keeps telling me its too big for her, now nothing is big enough.
by the end of this clip she ends up loving BBC and cumming all over my dick.


Lotion / Oil Fetish – Brat Princess 2 – Mia POV – I Want you to Jerk to my Perfect Oiled Ass when I Say So

 Brat Princess 2  Mia POV  I Want you to Jerk to my Perfect Oiled Ass when I Say So  preview

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Ok, losers. Let’s play a game. I’ll let you jerk to my perfect ass, but you have to follow the rules and do what I say. I’m going to oil it up and really tease you. I know my ass drives you crazy, but if you want to play along, you have to play by MY rules. I’ll let you jerk that little thing until you cum, but only if you’re good at taking direction. Cum on my countdown while I rub oil on my beautiful ass. You’re pathetic and look so dumb when you goon for me like that.
Note: This clip has soft music and a vignette effect for a relaxing experience.


Bondage Male – Brat Princess 2 – BP – Edged all Day by Three Sexy Teasers

 Brat Princess 2  BP  Edged all Day by Three Sexy Teasers  preview

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Chichi, Mariah, and Natalya are going to edge their slave all day. The more precum the slave produces, the more the sexy teasers earn. He’ll be aroused for hours, but never get to cum. Tied down tight and teased by tireless machine, the girls are so happy to be making maximum profits with minimal effort. Girls love money and they hate losers. They will extract money from their losers by any means necessary. The teasers don’t care if the slave feels pleasure or pain. Whatever motivates it to produce the most precum. They know all their slave’s mental triggers. The teasers know just how to control the slave’s mind and body completely and use it to their advantage. After a profitable afternoon of teasing, Chichi decides to have an orgasm using the slave’s face after the other two girls have left the room. The slave can’t cum, but she can!


Alrik Angel – Miss Roper – Knock & Get Fucked

 Miss Roper  Knock  Get Fucked  preview

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After a wild night of partying I stumbled into my home and on the couch, day light creeping in through the windows but my heavy eye lids allowing for sleep. However my rest doesn’t last long as I’m stirred by a rapid knock at the door. On the other side is Alrik, a young promising pastor who wishes to spread the word at a very unholy hour. However, he doesn’t wake me; just causes me to move about in my sleep. The knock occurs again, louder, and I curse under my breath at the sound and sleep takes hold of me once more. The third time, Alrik knocks so hard that it pushes open the unlocked door and he welcomes himself in. A mistake he will find himself regretting. I shriek in my intruders direction, but slowly change my tune as I see that he is merely a harmless fly; an annoyance gripping at a bible. A wild idea enters my sadistic mind as I allow him to sit on my couch and begin to give his spiel, offering to go to the kitchen and grab him something to drink as his throat must be parched from bullshit spilling from it. Spiking it with a little something to silence him, I watch with a wicked smile as he gulps it down and slowly finds himself drifting as I had been trying to on the sofa. When he awakens, he enters into a nightmare. His ankles cuffed, mouth stuffed with a ball-bag, and his neck and wrists shackled by a steel stockade. That pure virgin cock of his stuffed behind a plastic prison. He squirms, attempting to fight my bondage with wide eyes as I approach. I’m going to enjoy every minute of toying with him. Squeezing his full balls, clawing up his toned muscular body. My tongue flicks across the cage and my fingers poke at the skin leaking through as his cock tries to grow rock hard. This promising pastor as no idea what kind of trouble he’s gotten himself in with knocking at my door. This is only the beginning…


Cumshot – CRUEL MISTRESSES – Girls milking the young slave – Mistress Cleo and Mistress Amanda

 CRUEL MISTRESSES  Girls milking the young slave   Mistress Cleo and Mistress Amanda  preview

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The slave is tied by his ankles and his wrists and gagged, so he can’t move or talk, he can only watch as Mistress Cleo and Mistress Amanda put on their black rubber gloves and pour oil on them. He hopes that they are going to be gentle, but Cleo feels bossy today, so she grabs his cock and starts him milking mercilessly. On the other side, Amanda massages his balls.