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This here is a very controversial and extremely polarizing femdom porn category, but, honestly, we don’t give a fuck. Our femdom tube was created to represent every single genre and give people what they want. If you want to see some beat free porn with femdom action, then you have come to the right place.

Femdom punishment comes in many forms. You get CBT, whipping, pegging punishment, all sorts of hardcore physical torment. You’re going t o see stunning dommes severely punishing and physically abusing their pathetic slaves. Why do they do it? Just for fun. Being a sadist is not as complex as you were led to believe. You just like watching people suffer and that’s what this femdom punishment category is all about, honestly. It’s all about having fun and maybe breaking a few bones along the way. Who gives a fuck?

One of the most popular subgenres here is femdom bullwhip porn. These clips feature slaves getting bullwhipped and it’s totally fucking hot. Watch femdom bullwhip clips if you want to see the girls doing some REAL damage. Some of that stuff is as visceral as it gets, so be warned. Moving on, we got regular femdom beatdown clips in which you’ll see slaves getting punched, kicked, sometimes kneed. Facebust is a popular thing, you’re going to see slaves get their ugly faces busted during a relentless femdom beatdown. Once again, this is not for the faint of heart.

Most other types of femdom beating XXX revolve around kicking, stomping, slapping, caning, and so forth. Truth be told, as extreme as it may sound, there’s at least one video in which kicks and punches don’t connect at all, so it’s a welcome change of pace from all the brutal and 100% legitimate femdom beating vids.

Now that you have a very basic idea of just how complex the beat free porn genre is, let’s discuss the best ways of exploring and enjoying this online porn collection. Our femdom tube lets you download every single video you see here. Yeah, that’s right – the best way to watch those online porn vids is to download them. You’re welcome.