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Some say that spit fetish is a weird fetish, but we strongly disagree with that statement. In fact, even if you think that this type of online porn is all kinds of bizarre, we still urge you to explore this video collection because you might find something that you like. Our femdom tube brings you a beautiful collection of clips, suitable for both spit fetish addicts and people that hate the genre.

Naturally, due to us being a self-professed #1 femdom tube, most of these clips have a femdom-y element to them. There’s at least a couple of vids that add JOI-style humiliation undertones to what seems to be a fairly regular fetish video. As an example, we’re going to bring up the vid in which a curvy brunette girl fucks her own throat and drools all over her top, but she STILL talks dirty to you, mocking you for being such a spit slut and expecting you to clean up the mess afterwards.

Femdom spit online porn vids celebrate the hotness of, what else, spitting girls. Seeing a gorgeous mistress spit into the disgusting face-hole of her slave is just too hot to handle, right? Femdom spit vids oftentimes feature no nudity because no nudity is actually needed. Pathetic slaves will get hard as fuck just from the humiliating act itself. They don’t require any sexual stimulation other than mistress spit. That, by the way, really shows how mentally damaged those spit domination devotees really are. Fucking disgusting.

Anyway, we have to bring it up somewhere, so why not here – spit domination porn is FREE to download. Yeah, you read that right. You can pick whichever spit slave vid you want and download it instantaneously. We suggest you try it right away because nothing truly beats watching a hot-ass femdom video, spit slave or otherwise, in the highest possible quality.

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