American Mean Girls – Tragic Lessons – Goddess Nikkole

American Mean Girls  Tragic Lessons   Goddess Nikkole preview

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So you have a thing for getting used and by your hot teacher? Well, why not ask an acting coach to kick you in the balls repeatedly to help you with your acting lessons? After all, it would help if you could really feel the pain and get into the role of someone that just got some bad news or something.
And wouldn’t it be sooo hot if your acting coach was me? Someone that is sadistic and really enjoyed giving you pain and laughing in your face while I smash your balls and humiliate you?
Let’s get started…Hi hubby,I want a divorce (WHAM)…That wincing of pain in your face wasn’t quite right…let’s try again (WHAM) (KICK) (SMASH). Yup, I see kicking you in the balls is really going to help your acting career.
Sooo sorry for laughing at your pain…Not really but anyway…Now sing the “I’m a Little Tea ” song while I kick you in the balls over and OVER and OOOVERRR!
This ball busting goes on for a longer amount of time than most clips. This slave got kicked for a long time.