Canning – Sado Ladies – Extreme Treatment 2 – Lady Aurora

Sado Ladies  Extreme Treatment 2   Lady Aurora  preview

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Here is the continuation of extreme treatment 1 already available here. In the first part Lady Aurora already slapped, flogged and whipped the slave very harsh, but in this part the action increases furthermore. Now she takes out a long whippy riding crop and whip his ass and back with very hard strokes. The slave moans louder and louder but is very grateful of this treatment.
Good slave! Then the cruel lady says „do we have a cane here? I need a cane now“. Blow after blow is now applied to his ass and also to his back. The lady shows absolutely no mercy and strike the slave with harder and harder strokes decorating a muster of red stripes all over. She is pretty satisfied with the slave that endures all of the punishment just to please his owner. In the end she really swings through her strokes applying them as hard as she can. And the lady is very pleased of the slave! Very hard punishment in this clip! If you are into corporal action with whipping and caning this one is a must see!trust us!