Cuckolding – THE MEAN GIRLS – Scream for Our Rent Cuck – Princess Carmela

 THE MEAN GIRLS  Scream for Our Rent Cuck   Princess Carmela  preview

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So my REAL man boyfriend calls me and tells me that we need to pay our rent. (I totally forgot it was the end of the month.) How to pay it? Easy. I just explain to Alpha over the phone that I simply need to beat the fuck out of our cuck-slave, record its beating, and sell the clip to pay our rent! And the worse I beat it, the more $$$ we will make!! Maybe we will even make enough to pay for a nice dinner out for the 2 of us if I beat it bad enough! Alpha loves the idea. So I drag my cuck-bitch slave out to the Torment chamber and casually explain to it that it is about to suffer terribly- just to pay me n Alpha’s rent for us with its suffering! It has no choice, really. This is the only way Alpha will allow me to keep this loser in my life, so it’s either this, or I have to get rid of it. And I know my cuck is so fucking pathetic that I it will let me use it for whatever I want. So I chain it up from the ceiling and make it balance on a wobbly rock- just so I can laugh at it while it dances on that fucking rock as I beat it. And BOY do I give it a BEATING!! Apparently my looong whip keeps wrapping around my cuck slave and the tip is cracking right near its poor little cock n balls haha!! It is really hurting him bad and making him SCREEEAAAM!!!! But I think that’s great because this will make this clip sell better! And I don’t really care about how much my slave suffers because it really doesn’t matter to me. It’s just a “thing” for me to use and abuse in whatever way benefits ME the most! �� So buy this clip if you want to see my cucky-bitch SUFFER!! -Princess Carmela