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Male slave is sitting in a chair, Amirah is wearing a sexy revealing bikini with a lot of make up with fake eye-lashes, and a neutral lipstick (NOT red). Amirah sits down right on top of him and puts her face directly against his to make direct very close eye contact. She is staring directly into his eyes with a LOT of up close face to face eye contact. she starts screaming at him loudly to look at her begin to give him the most disgusting spit and bad breath humiliation ever possible with disgusting spit / hard breath non-stop. Amirah violently starts with multiple hard fast breaths directly into slave’s face and follows it with very hard face spitting. Amirah stays right in his face while sitting on him in real close and looks at him making intense and seductive eye contact with the slave screaming at the slave to look at her and stares into each other’s eyes intently.. Amirah repeatedly leans in real close and begins blasting her breath hard directly into the slave’s face and nose and mouth, forcing him to smell her breath repeatedly. she makes the slave sniff and inhale her steaming hot breath with wide open mouth and tongue all the way out of her mouth blowing hard into slave’s face. she makes the slave open his mouth and blows her breath into his mouth as well as the slave struggles to breathe.. she hocks and coughs directly into slave’s face point blank while keeping eye contact. she does this directly into slave’s face aiming for his nose very close to his face making sure that he can smell each cough and spits the massive loogies very hard into his face. she does whatever it takes to drench the slave’s face as much as possible focusing on making the most disgusting spit she can hock and cough up from her throat and stomach as she possibly can. she sticks her entire hand down her own throat like she is making herself puke gagging and she also burps disgustingly into the slave’s face. Amirah screams loudly like a crazy drill Sargent and repeatedly at slave to open his mouth making him swallow all of the spit as she spits massive amounts into slave’s face and mouth. Amirah repeatedly and loudly yells at the slave to look at her with very wide eyes making direct eye contact with her and makes sure that the slave keeps his eyes opened and is looking at her in the eyes constantly. as slave tries in to turn his head away in disgust she grabs the slave’s head and hair and brings his face directly to hers and makes direct eye contact with her and makes sure that he keeps his eyes opened and is looking at her all while spitting and blowing her breath hard into slave’s face. Slave has no time to breathe or look away if he isn’t swallowing spit or being spit on. this process is repeated throughout the clip as Amirah gives the slave the nastiest humiliation possible by spitting as much as she can heave up all over slave’s face while also forcing slave to smell her hot stinking breath repeatedly the slave in her large disgusting spit and suffocating the slave with her breath. Amirah keeps eye contact with the slave to establish her dominance and makes the slave open his eyes and look if she catches slave looking away or closing his eyes. she does this relentlessly for the entire 15 minutes without stopping regardless of how much the slave struggles even if it brings the slave to vom…