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Posted: April 16, 2020

 Natashas Bedroom  Hit List Round 1  preview

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It’s hit list time! And it’s not just any hit list: this is a special double edition. Today is round one. I’ll explain in this clip what will happen with round two.
I’m diving deep in this hit list round. I have a handful of targets, and I’ve mined their blackmail submissions to find the juiciest secrets and the dirtiest details to expose to the world. Each target will have at least one task to complete. I got really into the task assignments, and a few are pretty involved, but if you’re on my list, guess what? You have no choice but to do as you’re told. Some on my list are new blackmail bitches. Others have been chosen before and are about to be even more deeply exposed today. Two will have pictures of themselves publicly revealed.
This is the most time I’ve spent on each target yet. If you’re on my list, well…you’re about to get more than you bargained for.
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