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Posted: March 19, 2023

Kim Lee  A Double Spanking preview

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Princess Tasha is lying around Mean Girl Manor, relaxing and reading a magazine, and decides to call in a slave to humiliate for her entertainment. She commands it to FUCK HER FEET- while she continues to ignore it and read her magazine, treating this slave like the “nothing” that it is to her. She thinks its SO pathetic that these losers around here have to do whatever she says…
Eventually she starts to rub its cock with her feet just because it amuses her. The loser is so scared of what she might do to him that he can’t even cum for her! useless! She is so disgusted with him but she can’t wait any longer…her date is going to be here any second to pick her up. (And her date is a REAL man that is going to fuck her brains out with a nice HARD cock!)


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