Leather Straps – Cinched and Secured – Genevieve Harnessed and Helpless

 Cinched and Secured  Genevieve Harnessed and Helpless  preview

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After arranging for Jeanette to be packed up and sold, Genevieve thought her troubles were over. How wrong she was! She quickly learned a lesson about putting your trust in the wrong people! Unfortunately for Gen, her partner decided he’d like to keep Jeanette all for himself, which meant he still needed a female to ship overseas, and Genevieve fit the bill nicely! After being ordered to strip to her bra and panties, the double-crossed damsel found herself tightly bound in an even more restrictive harness than the other girl, complete with a nice tight panel gag shutting her mouth for good! In order to get some good pictures for his overseas clients, her ex-partner hung her from the closet door, with the poor girl swaying and squirming in her underwear and socks as she fought to get loose. She gag talked up a storm and in her struggles to escape she ended up showing off every angle of her slim body, including the strap buried deep in her crotch and the crack of her ass! Her “photo session” completed, Genevieve was transferred to a sturdy bench, hogtied with a brutally tight series of leather straps that left her immobilized! Well, almost! She thrashed and wiggled, pulling with all her might, but she was held fast to the bench. Genevieve moaned, bitched and drooled through the gag as a huge puddle of saliva collected below her chin, and when she could struggle no more, she was forced to lay her face in the puddle of spit! Soon she’d be transferred to a different position as the buyers arrived to take her away!