Masturbation Instruction – Emily Valentina starring in video ‘The Red Room’

Emily Valentina starring in video The Red Room preview

1.54 GB – 1920*1080 – mp4 – 00:38:38

A fictionally-based roleplay video with REAL mesmerism. You’re one of the last free men remaining on earth, the rest mindfucked into docile subservience- so you’ve been taken by authorities to be “re-educated” in the Red Room- a room for complete destruction of the ego. When you enter, you’re surprised, expecting something gruesome, but all you see is an office with a beautiful woman, speaking sweetly and seductively to you. She’s going to re-wire your brain to let go of your male ego… and make you submit completely. And she’s doesn’t need any mean tools to accomplish the job- only this room, the red room, and her naked body. She strips… slowly, and as her voice echoes in your head, you seem to be hallucinating- and she explains that this room is set up just to enhance the mesmerized state and create otherworldly, lustful visions! She begins to touch herself, encouraging you to watch and edge yourself, in order to positively condition you to her whispers as she re-educates you and re-wires your mind! You feel your ego melting away as you at last give in, and after what feels like aeons of pumping and teasing, you finally cum, totally re-made, re-wired… and re-educated. Contains direct-to-camera as well as dubbed and layered audio, visual special effects, text, FULL nudity including PINK, and MORE!