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Posted: September 23, 2022

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You’re gonna be COCKMITIZED until you are literally craving real man cock! Submit yourself to the cocks I’m going to give you. Watch them – stare at them – listen to my voice telling you how much you want them. Don’t look away, faggot, you can try to focus on my pretty face if you like. Try to see my perfect body, my big tits and my cute ass through the torrent of cocks you’re going to absorb. Big hard cocks in front of your eyes – thoughts of them penetrating you filling your mind. Don’t resist faggot, abandon your sexuality while I tell you why you want to suck these cocks for me so much.
You really do want to suck all these cocks for me don’t you? You want mean girls like me to be happy – and you know it makes us happy to watch you submitting to cock. You’d do anything for hot girls like me right? I know you’d suck a cock for me. You’d anything I’d say – even if that means being gay for me. I’m going to make you gay – I’m going to turn you gay by making you suck cock for me. You’re going to stroke to cock, you’re going to agree to suck cock, you’re going to cum to cock-humiliation and then I’ll actually make you suck cock. It’s not really gay if you’re doing it for a pretty girl is it, faggot? You’re only doing it because I told you to- right? Taking big cocks in your mouth while I watch.. and humiliate you?
You owe me, faggot – because you’re inferior to me and other men – you deserve to suck cocks. That’s your place in life – sucking cocks. Hot girls like me get to make faggots like you suck real man cock. Just admit you’ll be gay for me and agree to suck cock for me. Look at all of them you gay little faggot and admit to me that you’d suck every last one of them for me. You know pretty girls want to see real men use beta wimps like you – filling your mouths with their big, thick cocks so open your mouth for me and be my cockmitized cocksucker!


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