Mind Fuck – Humiliation POV – A Religious Awakening, Fall To Your Knees And Worship

 Humiliation POV  A Religious Awakening Fall To Your Knees And Worship  preview

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Princess Mika is your God and your new religion. In this clip she will mesmerize you into becoming her devoted worshiper. Get naked and on your knees and put your computer screen above you so that she may look down upon you. This way you will feel vulnerable and ready to accept her words as truth. Her voice and her face will mesmerize you into submission. Let all of your fears and hesitations slip away as you feel yourself falling deeper under her spell. You will feel your mind melting under her power as you jerk your horny cock to her captivating words.
She will become your God, your religion. She will become your everything. You will need her to feel both pleasure and purpose. She is your light, your Goddess. You will worship her with your mind, body and soul. You will find it impossible to resist her as you relinquish all other gods before her and accept her as your one true God.
You will prostrate yourself before her and write her prayers. You will give yourself to her completely. This is what you were born for. It feels so good to worship and obey. The deeper you go the more devoted you will become.
This clip is designed to send you into a trance, a deep religious experience unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before. You will awaken a new man, with purpose and understanding of your place in life. Give in to your new God, Princess Mika.