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Posted: March 8, 2023

Goddess Madam Violet MESMERIZE 2022 ROGUE preview

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From the moment She begins talking to you she is priming your mind for the fucking. BEFORE she even talks to you. Every single look, every pause, every word, every movement of her body is considered and deliberate. Expert multi level manipulation.
You only wanted help learning to relax.
You will leave capable of a ‘relaxation’ deeper than you thought existed.
A 45 minute session with a highly recommended psychologist-fantasy. Start to finish you are her puppet. You won’t remember much, you don’t need to. Only the special words she gives you.
Each of her patients (man-slaves) have their own words. Words which render you HELPLESS. Words which TRIGGER instant surrender.
Dropped down, woken up, dropped down, halfway up, then ALL the way DOWN, then up. Brain fucked in a way you can’t explain. Time disjointed, cock hard…
She sends you on your way with a delayed awakening command. Ten minutes after you leave you FULLY awaken, realising at once the intense power she has over you, and how desperate you are for more of her ‘relaxation’.
Contains: multiple continued mesmerise, imbedded, indirect, eye fixation, deepeners, NLP, leading and pacing, psychologist-fantasy, mind fuck, mental domination, female domination, sensual domination, slave training, imbedded post trance commands and triggers.


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